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Default Re: Konomii

Originally Posted by Konomii
Thanks^^ Sorry,My English is so poor.
May I use Japanese^^;;

Originally Posted by Konomii
It said
E:\pekoe\bokura>bin\rlc -e utf8 -x chinese seendir\
Warning (SEEN1010.utf line 13): cannot represent U+30fc in RealLive bytecode with the `Chinese' transformation of GB2312.
Error: unable to encode the character U+9854. Check input and output encoding settings.
But,My Chinese Text is not wrong....
UTF-8 Text,Chinese..What should I do?
The problem here is with the character you are encoding. It says the problem is with "U+9854". If we look that up (here), we can see that it's the character 顔, which is not a Simplified Chinese character. :)

Currently, Traditional Chinese is not supported at all. I can add support, but it will take a while. Sorry.

Originally Posted by Konomii
I put the ’rlBabel.dll' in game folder, in the reallive data folder.
To be absolutely safe, put both in both places. :)

Originally Posted by Konomii
SELECT TEXT can't display correct ><
Well done! This time you've found a bug in rlc. ^^;

Download the fixed rlc.exe from here and overwrite your old one with it, and this should work.
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