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RealLive itself only supports Shift_JIS, but RLdev comes with a little trick that lets you use GB2312 (Simplified Chinese) instead. You must edit files in UTF-8, using ordinary Chinese text; then when you compile them RLdev converts them to its own encoding that can hold most Chinese characters, and then a RealLive plugin called rlBabel is used to display Chinese text when you play the game.

You probably have to add an "-e utf8" to that to get .utf output.

After that, translate into Chinese, save in UTF-8 format, and then compile the files with
rlc -e utf8 -x chinese (filename)

Then copy the TXT files you get from that into the game folder, and then download this and this and put those in the game folder too.

Then open gameexe.ini in a text editor and add the line

You should then be able to run the game and it should work in Chinese. There are a lot of complications along the way, so feel free to ask if anything doesn't work or if you need more help. :)
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