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Default Sorry,may I ask a question about RLDEV?

Hello, this is Konomii.
I am translating a sort of game named Bokura wa minna koi wo suru

And hope it can be outputted the translation and input the game directly.
But I have not much idea about the usage of RLDEV.

Could you please teach me? Sorry to bother you.
And by the way, I know how to output. Put “seen.txt” into

“kprl -d seen.txt -o seendir -f 1.40”
Then outputs the “” and the files with extension “. utf”
And may I ask how should I translate and edit back to “seen.txt”
with “complier” after editing the files and translating into Chinese, please?

Will REALLIVE engine support “UTF-8”code? How about coding with “ANSI”,please?

Thank you
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