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If by 'groups like mirrormoon' you mean groups that translate exclusively games from a single company, the only other example I know of is NNL, who translate minori titles.

If by 'groups like mirrormoon' you mean dedicated VN fan translation groups in general, there's multiple. Amaterasu is a well-known one, there's TakaJun (former mirrormoon translator)'s new group Yandere Translations, there's Tengu translations...there's also at least one community that can't really be called a 'group' but does translate stuff: TLWiki is basically a wiki where multiple projects are hosted so you have a whole bunch of translation-related people in the same place.

We will see a translation at some point (it's a non-fandisk Key title, the only other untranslated one is Rewrite because it's so new), the question is whether that'll be in 2014 or in 2024.
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