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I guess people will have to wait until later to get an exact definition of what game creators from the EOCS can and cannot put in their games. I'm wondering whether the "false" TBS report had anything to do with it. Was TBS trying to read the general atmosphere and come to what they think would be the obvious conclusion, or did their reporting, by some bizarre chance, influence the atmosphere at the meeting? From the description of the meeting, it looked very much like everyone wanted to reach a consensus and even people who would be vehemently opposed didn't want to directly speak out. Lastly, are there any eroge companies that *only* do rape games, as opposed to having specific rape game brands?

Oh, Kazue Yamamoto (formerly of Studio e.go!, now with Debonosu Productions) had this to say on her blog:
The meeting of [the eroge] software companies is over. There were many things talked about relating to regulations, but it doesn't seem that Debonosu in particular will be affected. Time to start my last spurt [on the current game project]! *sigh*
It's interesting to see that she doesn't see that the new regulations will affect Debonosu, because her current game, Kagura Douchuuki, like previous games in her Kagura series, will have rape scenes if one of your characters falls in battle.
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