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Not trying to be negative, but still have to some questions for you:

- You do know that Baldr Sky in all is quite long story, so it wont be finished fast?
- Have you played trough it all and loved it enough to translate, so do you have enough motivation to go trough it all?

Mostly I'm asking this because I don't wan't to see the project dropped/stalled somewhere along the line. But if you have enough of motivation to do it, then do it, as Baldr Sky is one of the most wanted VN to get translation that currently doesn't have proper translation and don't drop halfway out. Personaly I would like to help, but my japanese isn't good enough and I don't really know anything about hacking, so I can't really do anything else than offer advices.
Generally you need hacker first, so that you can get the scripts out or insert them back in. And then there are other miscaleneous tasks. But generally I would suggest that asking help from other VN translator groups like Amaterasu (#Ammy), Tlwiki (#tlwiki), Yandere (#wankotl).
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