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Originally Posted by Takeshi View Post
I suppose many people were waiting for this after the previous ToHeart2 project went private.

Well here it is... so troll/flame away (in tradition of the previous project).

Our group is Aikeshi. You can find us at #aikeshi on

We are a small game translation group that was formed months before the PS2 project went private. Our goal is to translate the PC version of the game because we didn't want to buy another copy of the same game and because we wanted the extra content of the PC version. Up until PS2 project's announcement, we fully believed that their patch would be released to the public.

Because we still a new group, there still a lot of work to be done. We are translating the script from the beginning and our current progress is.... uhm.. close to... the beginning.... i guess. Regardless of the progress, any translation project will take time of course.

That said, we are looking for help. Most positions are available, but right now we are looking for more translators and more programmers. If you think you can help please stop by our channel and contact either Rem or Aiko (to keep from going off topic, please refrain from posting job applications here on the visualnews forum).

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will be able to join our group.

You have my fullest support. Good luck!