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Default [Alpha Release] ToHeart2 X-Rated Translation Project

Translation Status: 28.5%

Routes Translated:


Current Releases:
Alpha (strictly for testing and does not constitute a finished product)
Konomi only path:
Manaka only path:


Pre-Alpha (not EVEN for testing) ( may or maynot require you to sign up for spam to dl.... choose rapidshare)


You can find us at #aikeshi on

I suppose many people were waiting for this after the previous ToHeart2 project went private.

Well here it is... so troll/flame away (in tradition of the previous project).

We are a small game translation group that was formed to translate the PC version of the game.

That said, we are looking for help. Most positions are available. If you think you can help please stop by our channel and contact either Rem or conman (to keep from going off topic, please refrain from posting job applications here on the visualnews forum).

We look forward to hearing from you.


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