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Thank you very much Niokun! I've tried to modify the BGI Bytecode using this method and really works. The tool is &, from the bgi_asdis tools.

That way is possible to change the font size like manga gamer does, so that way the three lines limitation problem it's solved ^^

Well, since we've been in contact via MSN, you say something about the in-game images and options, and really, they must be on the sysgrp.arc.

But unlike the CGS and sprites from data02000.arc which is automatically converted to .bmp image files, either CRASS or AnimED can't seem to extract & convert them.
AnimED does extract the content, but in case of CRASS, it doesn't even do that.

Does anyone knows any tool that can convert the image & animation files from the sysgrp.arc?
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