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I think your problem is solved now. But just so everyone can see how it was done, the function must be inserted inside the script file (decompiled using and is written like this:

line("Game_xxxx_xx.bss", yy);

Game_xxxx_xx is the scenario script file (the extension-less one inside data01000.arc)
yy is the "function number". Can be any number, even repeated in the same script file, since the script in run in a synchronous form.
n1 changes the type of font. Only 0, 1 and 2 are considered valid values.
n2 changes the font lenght. Size is in pixels, and the number must only be between 8 and 22.
n3 changes the font height. Size in pixels. I haven't found any size that pauses the game (but it can get cut in the dialogue, if the size is too large)
n4 makes the font look like "Bold", like in Microsoft Word. Only accepts "0" (normal font) and "1" (bold font)

Just a reminder, xxxx_xx, yy, n1, n2, n3 and n4 values can only be in integer decimal numbers.

As of time of posting, I sucessfully tested all these parameters on Shuffle! game, but I believe it is the same on other games that uses BGI engine like Da Capo and Kira Kira. I'll edit this later to confirm this.

EDIT: Apparently, only the Shuffle! game using bgi has this function working properly. All Navel's games actually works on Lucifen Engine, which is totally different from bgi. However, MangaGamer done a conversion to bgi using tools only the Navel staff has acess, so this is the only game that uses BGI that can have the font size changed...that is, unless you can hack the .exe of other BGI games and insert support for this kind of function.

Also, I'm checking this problem about the BGI bytecode. Like Rye said, these kind of characters are included on cp1252 library, but it still refuses to run...when I get some progress I'll reply to this thread again about a solution.

EDIT: Using bgi_dump and bgi_insert, you can, indeed, insert cp1252 characters just by modifying the bgi_setup file. However, the same does not apply on bgi_as and bgi_dis just by editing their files and editing When using the pseudo-assembly code, lots of characters can be an issue if not used right. For example, scripts edited on these tools cannot have more than 3 commas or 3 quote marks, and depending on the position of these characters, not even 2 of them, let alone trying to make cp1252 characters work on cp932 engine. I really recommend using just bgi_dump and bgi_insert when editing bgi scripts, since they're much more flexible and less obnoxious than using those other tools.

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