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Sadly, I don't know how to help you. The only problem I've ever had with edits to the default font was that when I reduced the font size the letters were doubled because the engine wanted them to be as long as they were with the original size (don't ask me why) and I solved (thanks to a hacker, of course) doing what I said before. So now I have 4 lines with 61 characters instead of 3 lines with 54 characters. I could ask to my hacker, but sadly he's too busy and when a few days ago I asked him if he could help a friend of mine he said he couldn't because he was (and still is) too busy.
Anyways, if you manage to reduce the font size and the space between two lines you should get a fourth line somehow. Just a question: does the fourth line appear in the backlog?

However, you could try to use another font. For most translation projects I suggest to use Sazanami Gothic or Sazanami Mincho. Probably the problem with the font is that you use a font that is proportionally spaced. Sazanami fonts are not proportionally spaced. You can as well use this font we used for our Italian translation of Mahoyo trial:
It's an edited version of the font Ume Mincho S3
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