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Kana -Little Sister- BGM patch v1.2 (click here to download)

The new, rewritten from scratch version of the patch is finally ready. It fixes some annoying glitches of the previous version, such as:

- the noticeable sound glitch upon scene transition, when the music fades out and the next track begins to play
- the music playback being choppy to the point of being unlistenable when the hardware sound acceleration is turned off
- the music playback not pausing when the window is minimized or out of focus

Version 1.2: text delay bug is fixed

Music formats other than OGG are not supported anymore as I felt there's no point in supporting them - OGG is better than MP3, WAV takes too much disk space and if I wanted the best possible quality, I'd rather add support for FLAC. If you have a different opinion on the matter, please let me know. I'm open to suggestions.

The importand note: the patch is also a NoCD patch, meaning that after you install the patch and copy the necessary files from the game's CD to the folder where you previously installed the game (actually, there's only one file which has to be copied - OP.DOM), you don't need the CD anymore. Guess what that means? That's right: you can finally break your CD if that's what you want. Thanks to Rasqual Twilight for the idea. :-)

The other thing you should know is that the executable in the archive is the patched executable from official uncensor patch. The previous patch was based on the original executable from the first (censored) version of the game.

Patch installation instructions:

1. Go to the folder where your game is installed and make a backup copy of KANAUS.EXE (rename it to something like KANAUS.EXE.BAK or just move it to some other place, it's up to you)
2. Copy the content of the archive with the patch (KANAUS.EXE and BASS.DLL) to the folder with the game
3. Copy OP.DOM from you game CD to the folder with the game
4. Create a folder named 'CD' within the folder with your game
5. Use CDEx (you can use any other program capable of ripping audio tracks and encoding them to OGG, but I suggest using CDEx) to rip the game music to OGG. Rename the OGG files to 'track02.ogg' (please note that the first track should be named 'track02.ogg') through 'track17.ogg' then place them in the previously created folder 'CD'.

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