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In these circles, most people pay little attention to the titles released by Peach Princess/G-Collections. Only a small handful of games actually gets praised, and Raidy isn't among them
In these circles they are the only one who get payed for there work so dont sell me that "most people pay little attention" nonsence because from what i see in this an other forums Peach Princess playes an important role just not the god's kinde role some people think it playes.

So no, there isn't any kind of Peach Princess worship going on. The point (besides the fact that Raidy 2 would be an unlikely candidate for fan translation even if G-Collections hadn't announced a release) is that it's a waste of energy to translate what's already being done.
Raidy 2 would be an unlikely candidate for fan translation even if G-Collections?
Is that your informed opinion after visiting all sorts of sites or maybe is your profesional opinion after years and years of translation?
The "translate what's already being done" point has been made thre times now so pay atention because i wont come with another explication.

I don't know about torrents, but the game is readily available on free download services. Links are still alive.
Why dont you just show these links or maybe you are afraid of indengering your Unregistered Guest status..

Whoever told you that is thinking of anime fansubs (or the Nintendo ROM translation scene from a decade ago), which require far less work and Japanese/technical proficiency. As of now, there aren't many people involved with game translation.
This again comes after your long research profesor Unregistered Guest and i bow down to your unquestioned skils....

No matter where you look, no one's going to translate a visual novel simply because you want to play it.
Again, another point that has been made three times now and answers twice (you are the unlucky third).

Quite frankly, Raidy is the obscure game that few care about. It's only notable for being the first H RPG released in the US since Brave Soul (another unexceptional game).
Sure it is profesor..

Secondly, an authorized translation financially benefits both the English visual novel scene and the Japanese publisher, where a fan-translation may help the Japanese publisher it does nothing to encourage more translations.
Yaa and i am sure that your windows is genuine because you suporte microsoft and Bill Gates for a bug free vista and all your programs have been processed because you suport all of them..please give me a brake.

If you liked it enough to buy the second one why didn't you wait for the official release?
Because i work in online sale's and i know how this game works, we all have a sale's plan so does Peach Princess and this is an informed opinion.


What is the difference between the first and second Lightning Warrior Raidy anyway? I played the first, and it wasn't really good at all...

On a side note, I just got Yume Miru Kusuri at Anime Evolution (Canada's biggest anime convention) for 35$, and having played it, I must say I am impressed. Far more than I was (or in this case, wasn't) with Lightning Warrior Raidy
Well there are a lot of options that may or may not change your path in the game plus there is animated scenes like in hentay movies.
As further as you advance in the game the more complicated it gets but is still an excelent game in my opinion.

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