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ruby226 2022-06-14 08:40

Sacroiliac Joint Anyone here
I've had SI joint problems since I was pregnant with my first about 19 years ago. I've tried cortisone shots, PT, chiro - all kinds of things. It comes and goes but nothing ever makes it disappear. I just had THR on Tuesday (July 1) and Dr. Stubbs (big Femoral Acetabular Impingement doctor in the states) said that a lot of the SI joint problems are probably made worse by my deep hip sockets and my FAI (even though I've had 2 scopes). He seemed to think that the THR would help the SI joint. I'm too soon out of surgery to be able to tell but I can keep you posted. In the past I found it most helpful to work with a PT to get everything in place and then to wear an SI joint belt. They just make your back/SI joint area feel so much better and suppported! They're not great for muffin tops but they made me feel so much better it was worth it.
I haven't tried it yet but prolotherapy comes highly recommended as well. That basically stimulates your body to make scar tissue to help keep your SI joint more stabile

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