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Tetsurou 2009-06-19 11:45

Okay, now that the August issue of TECH GIAN is out (actually by tomorrow) the AKABEi announcement obviously originates from that magazine (which has a AKABEiSOFT2 Scoop booklet attached) after all.

And according to -Windy Avenue-, which has more indepth details from the info as given out through TECH GIAN 08/2009, it really seems to be sasahiro (NSFW link btw.) that'll handle art for Happy Wardrobe. Not that it makes this title much more interesting yet though...

Asceai 2009-06-19 17:11


Originally Posted by LoSs (Post 62349)
And now ask yourself again: "is it possible?"

Sure. Let me explain.

The story takes place from Kasumi's point of view, hundreds of years in the future, struggling to keep her family together through an extended period of economic instability. Fast forward 4 years, her younger sister Nami is gone and her brother has fallen into a deep depression. To put food on the table, Kasumi is forced to sell her eyes to a shady transplants trader. A bittersweet yet heartwarming story.

okay, nevermind, this is why I don't write eroge

Tetsurou 2009-06-20 01:37

From hau omochikaeri:
- Fake Azure Arcology goes to Applique Sister
- W.L.O. L.L.S. HP up. Btw. among the updated AKABEiSOFT2 HP there's also some sort of "sub-page" for the Takehaya x ALPHa project put up merely showing the TG illustration yet and not giving out further details...
- Syangrila Smart HP launched also with a short demo movie for Koi de hanaku -It's not love, but so where near- released.

On non-AKABEiSOFT2 related terms, MAKURA opened their page for the upcoming H2O √after and another Complete Story Edition. And Palette's Mashiro Iro Symphony -Love is pure white- finally got a release date - 2009/10/30

MattBaker 2009-06-20 02:43

Tetsurou 2009-06-20 12:28

Just a quick one:
- Shiden ~Enkan no Kizuna goes to newly launched AKATSUKI WORKS ~Hibiki~ O_o Thus leaving Happy Wardrobe and Souten Sudeni Shisu "Brand-less" yet.
- minori updates (as also announced in the August TECH GIAN issue) regarding the all-ages status of the main eden* and put up a *really* NSFW page for eden* PLUS+MOSAIC.
More interesting in regards of eden* than whether or not it'll feature Ero content - Mikage will be on board! At least this interview suggests that he'll be supervisor for it, while minori's Kagami Yu will deliver scenario. Guess that (gladly/hopefully) won't change much given that both worked together for ef as well.

Magedark 2009-06-22 16:43

In regarding eden* and minori news,

Looks like you can't access it outside of Japan now.

Asceai 2009-06-22 17:08

Oh ho ho, that's charming.

Magedark 2009-06-22 17:29

Time to send secret agents for minori news.

Stranger 2009-06-22 21:09

Quote: will undergo a site renewal on 6/25, 12:00PM. In order to prepare for the renewal, the site will be temporarily unavailable between 6/23 5:00AM - 6/25 12:00PM. We apologize for the inconvinience. We look forward to continue serving you in our new website.
hopefully the new titles will be announced in 2 days

Magedark 2009-06-22 21:15

Hopefully they can fix themselves within 2 days <_<.

koji_leo 2009-06-22 21:40

too bad for MM
they still new in h-games industry but they'd already got BAD impression

Magedark 2009-06-22 23:02

I don't think they have a bad impression really. It's how they actually release stuff. Every release seems to have a problem or major bug with it, causing them to recall it.

And if you're really time oriented, some people don't like the fact they delayed games.

Asceai 2009-06-23 04:54


Originally Posted by Magedark (Post 62386)
In regarding eden* and minori news,

Looks like you can't access it outside of Japan now.

They've changed the message to make their reason clearer.

It's a bit sad, but I expect we're going to see more and more of this as time goes on, the way things are going. If you don't already have a Japanese proxy available for web browsing, I would advise getting one.

LoSs 2009-06-23 06:07

I hope developers I care about won't do such a shit. Minori are fucking douchebags, I never cared about them before but now they make me rage like hell. Most amerikkanaized company banning gaijins - FABULOUS!

Unregistered 2009-06-23 08:19


Originally Posted by LoSs (Post 62396)
Minori are fucking douchebags

Yes, they're notoriously xenophobic and nationalistic. We've seen it time and again.

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