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zalas 2007-12-21 22:32

Team Baldrhead @ GIGA is making a game that will hopefully tide us over until Baldr Sky comes out

The story synopsis seems to be about Lorie Espret Majoram(?), a girl wanted for taking cute girls from various dimensions and turning them into dolls for her collection, and a Hiiro Hoshizaki in hot pursuit, who is from the interdimensional police, the Plural-Dimensional Force. Looks like the game will have action battle scenes similar to Duel Savior and Xross Scramble, and for some reason, characters from previous Baldrhead games are featured in one of the images.

Bento 2007-12-24 03:46

I don't know if it's posted yet but...

Unisonshift has a new branch called "Unisonshift Clear (NSFW)
and Cyc has a new branch for otome games called MIO (Future NSFW?)

This is pretty old but not mentioned but
Light announced: ARS: MAGNA and somewhat new?
Windmill oasis 2nd project page is up ;)

2007-12-24 10:19

Looks like Everyone can buy themselves a little bit of the Dango Daikazoku this comiket at Booth 145 for only 600円/Dango

Asceai 2007-12-29 00:54

Not really "news" but, for lack of a better place to mention this, when Akabeesoft redesigned their webpage, they deleted (among other things) the old Tamayura page (now just maintaining the Tamayura Enkan page, which is a rerelease). The new one does not have the old Tamayura demo or OP, and Tamayura Enkan does not come with a demo.

However, the old mirrors still have it if you do some filename guessing (eg. ), but there's no way of guessing how long that will last.

So if you want to ever try out Tamayura without having to buy Tamayura Enkan (which is a very risky buy, as it's expensive and I know most of you probably won't like it!) now's likely the time to get the demo.

zalas 2007-12-29 01:42

A commercial has been released for Otome Crisis. Nice art, but it's only around 30 seconds and around 30MB in size. :/

2007-12-31 11:51

Full voice version of CLANNAD PC confirmed.

For everyone who's wondering; yes, this will affect my plans on distribution of the CLANNAD Translation Patch.

zalas 2007-12-31 13:33

Sounds interesting... I guess they're riding the popularity wave for CLANNAD right now, since there doesn't seem to be plans for AIR full voice and Kanon full voice on the PC... Or maybe it's because of the 'eroge' connotation on the PC side...

feeling_the_heart 2007-12-31 14:07

wow, i didn't know that clannad will be re-release again.
i think the voice isn't much difference with ps2 version.

JRaiKetchum 2007-12-31 15:14

WOW! That's awesome! I think I'll still hold out on getting CLANNAD just yet till this comes out ^^


mutio 2008-01-01 06:36

F**k NO. I want it for free *looks at his Clannad limited edition* >.<
On the other hand it's nice - of course :P

Bento 2008-01-01 11:11

I don't know if I want the voiced edition :/
I have the voice patch (only tomoya's voice doesn't work)
I don't really like Tomoya's voice in the PS2 version so...I think I will pass unless Key decides to add some extra wishful thinking.

2008-01-01 14:48

Tomoya doesn't have a voice in the PS2 version, last I checked? You must be referring to when Nojima Kenji was voicing as Tomoya in the bonus DVD (as well as voicing him in the drama CDs, movies).

Narumi 2008-01-01 21:23

He'll have a voice in the 360 version though. Which, once completed, porting back to the PC wouldn't be hard at all.

JRaiKetchum 2008-01-01 22:10


Originally Posted by Narumi (Post 38884)
He'll have a voice in the 360 version though. Which, once completed, porting back to the PC wouldn't be hard at all.

Any clue as to if he will be voiced by Kenji Nojima (movie/drama CD) or Yuuichi Nakamura (anime)?


Leo_Otaku 2008-01-01 22:19

bunch of..... All these different versions >.< Tomoya on the bonus dvd sounded fine. I've gotten used to him in the anime too. But what the hell is with the 360 stupid x-box i hate that system.... *sulk*

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