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zalas 2007-07-19 19:46

General News 3: It Isn't Over Yet!
Thread 1:
Thread 2:

In celebration of the 300th post on the old thread, I'm starting a fresh thread.

EDIT: My turn isn't over yet! Draw! e.go card!

Studio e.go! has updated their website with information on the game system in IZUMO3. Looks like they are really trying to show off their bump-mapping, reflections and shadows and it looks like they've adopted the Chrono Trigger-esque field system that they've used in MAW4.

Agilis 2007-07-19 20:34

Now if only they'd design more debo plushies T___T

pheriannath 2007-07-20 14:38

Looks like a complete translation patch for Kagetsu Tohya has also been released here:

It's not by revolve/mirror moon, but this group's done a pretty good job (especially considering how confusing Kagetsu Tohya's structure is)

Misu 2007-07-21 12:25

Wow, I've had this JAST Memorial Edition card for like over three weeks and it took me this long to realize it wasn't an announced title yet.

So, with further do, JAST has acquired 性愛学園ふぇち科 which they have dubbed as Cosplay Fetish Academy.

Supposedly a humorous yaruge, but still definately yaruge.


Getchu | EGS (70)

rg4619 2007-07-21 12:43

Those CD Bros. licenses must be extraordinarily cheap to acquire. As with G-Collections before, JAST USA is going on a binge.

Misu 2007-07-21 13:54

And yet the binge continues with another Se*ki*ra*ra/CD Bros game that has shown up in the cards, 仔猫同盟, which JAST has dubbed Cat Girl Alliance.

This one didn't fare as well as 性愛学園ふぇち科 on the EGS charts.

Peach Princess BBS Card List

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zalas 2007-07-21 16:47

Could it be possible that they've simply licensed the artwork to make the card deck a bit more interesting instead of actually licensing the full game?

Misu 2007-07-21 16:53

Nope, everything in the deck is licensed (supposedly). Shingo did mention that they had a couple more things they were going to announce over the year, though none has high profile as Kazoku Keikau and Princess Waltz, and the panel transcript backs up that these are indeed licenses:

Shingo: "For the 10th anniversary celerbartion, we have created a series of collectable cards ... based on our entire game lineup from the majority of our games over the past 10 years including several new games which no one has yet seen."

zalas 2007-07-21 21:21

Confirmed update from JAST@Otakon via W-General relay system:
Peter: "Some of the cards have games we haven't announced yet, so if you are lucky and have one, you know what's coming up next."

Misu 2007-07-22 05:41

In the Otakon anime license roundup, Funimation picked up Baldr Force EXE Resolution. Quite a pretty OVA from what I remember....

Narumi 2007-07-22 09:34

Except it made a turn for the worse as it progressed...

zalas 2007-07-22 11:08

x pretty
o ugly


Unregistered 2007-07-22 14:59


Originally Posted by Misu (Post 24418)
In the Otakon anime license roundup, Funimation picked up Baldr Force EXE Resolution. Quite a pretty OVA from what I remember....

Let's see.

-Mangled character designs.
-Different, lousier VAs.
-Horribly shitty mangled plot.

Yeah, really pretty.

Counter Arts 2007-07-22 15:28

I suppose having the game come out here first would be helpful...

I think only after reading an FAQ spoiler about it I started to enjoy the OVA.

Ayato 2007-07-22 16:05

So how was the air? :D

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