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Nanatuha 2005-08-22 05:52


Originally Posted by Haeleth

Originally Posted by Nanatuha
I imagined Satsuma means sweet potato at first.

Not "Satsuma-imo", but mikan from Satsuma-no-kuni.
(And to confuse matters even more, in Australia I understand a satsuma is a kind of plum. -_-)

Really. While we call the orange Unsyu/Wenzhou (of China) -mikan. :D

I felt nonvoiced version is very effective in changing speed. but also I felt nonvoiced is slightly difficult to distinguish that who said lines because there is no difference with male's/female's speech. (may be merely lack of my understanding)

Anyway I must say it's unfair to slow down the speed suddenly. I was nearly gotten to cry even though I knew what comes next. ^^

GreatSaintLouis 2005-08-22 08:11


Originally Posted by gp32

Of all 10 people who were on the QC team, you were the ONE person to play the voiced version first, then.

Wait, what about me??

There wasn't any real conscious reason behind which one I played first - I knew I'd get through both of them eventually, and the Voiced option was just the one I clicked first. I wish there were some deeper reason I could explain, but the reality was that I was just clicking stuff and Voiced happened to be the first option I hit.


Originally Posted by Haeleth
Blame gp32, he treacherously betrayed your cunning plot.

I usually do. It helps me sleep better at night, plus there's a whole potpourri of societal ills you can attribute to that guy!

Spiritsnare 2005-08-22 09:34

Downloading right now. Wai~~full game for free~

zalas 2005-08-22 17:15

Would there be any easy way to get ahold of a few hard copies of this game other than getting someone to visit Tora no Ana for us or to use the auctions?

Freak Of Nature 2005-08-22 17:44

I just downloaded and played Narcissu (I chose to follow the voiced version first, since that seems to be a matter of some interest to you), and I wanted to give you the courtesy of a "thank you" for your good work.

This is an excellent translation, from what I can tell (and I'm no tyro in the translation field), and you've chosen a very worthwhile project to devote yourself to. As I read the finale of the novel, I found myself weeping uncontrollably. I'm no stone statue, but it takes a good story to move me that deeply.

Anyway: thank you and ご苦労さま!

Tsubasa 2005-08-22 19:02

Greetings all. I'm a long time sporatic reader of these forums, but I've just registered cause I feel like saying a few things, especially about this release.

First, I want to say that it is a beautiful piece of writing that was impeccably translated. I personally would have opted for a slightly different wording maybe once per chapter, but taken as a whole, it was a very strong translation.

As for the voice vs. unvoiced issue, I chose voiced first. There are two major reasons for this. For one thing, I play primarily console adaptations of bishoujo games and newer PC games that have voice, so it was something of a matter of habit to opt to hear voices. Second, I wanted to know what the characters were saying. I cannot read much written Japanese, but I understand a fair amount of the spoken language. And anyone with a basic understanding of Japanese and English knows that an English translation cannot, by the structure of the language, convey the nuances present in the Japanese language. There were a number of times when I read the translation faster than the speech, mentally translated it to Japanese, and was proven wrong when I heard the voice. If anything, playing it voiced allowed me to get a better feeling of Setsumi's character through her speech pattern.

Upon reading the production notes after having completed the voice play-through, I couldn't help but feel that perhaps an unvoiced playthrough would have been better, but it's not like I can take it back now.

l|ammamama 2005-08-22 20:03

Well i suppose i might as well come out of hiding as well.

I'd fall more under the more extremely short-term heavy reader of these forums, god knows i had to in order to understand all the inside jokes and references you folks use in this dark corner of the intra-web. I'm a rl friend of Misu, who was the one that dragged me kicking, screaming, and weeping like a little schoolgirl into the ren-ai genre. In a very manly sense though, i assure you ;;>_>

I'm a student of japanese myself and after slumming it through 4 years of high-school japanese courses, i finally bucked down and am now little more then half-way through learning how to write the general use characters (using heisig's strategy), which is not exatly the most fun i've ever had but then again kanji never was... But enough about me ~~

First of all i wanted to thank haeleth and gp32 for the simply awesome translation of Narcissu - it more then a nice suprise to have such a well-crafted game for free And translated. Now i suppose that the only two visual novels/games that i've played through completely were thanks to you two. The planetarian demo was actually my first experence with the genre, and i enjoyed it so much that i immediately went out and bought myself a copy, then finished it the same day - thanks to you guys of course ^^

For the actual playthrough of narcissu i chose to play the un-voiced version first, partly because i've not had much of any experenced with voiced games, and partly because the game's minimalistic approach lent itself well to being firmly rooted in my imagination versus someone else's voice. Once i play through it again with the voiced version i'll report back~

As for Haeleths' translation of the un-voiced version, needless to say it allayed any fears i had about the 'guy translating kannon' being a 'crazy britt' with the vernacular to boot. Sure, there were a few more 'shant's, lorries, and loos then i would have put in myself, but it gave it an extra little bit of flavor if nothing else. I've dipped my toes into translating just a tiny bit (helping out misu), and i know how hard it is to get a flowing English sentance out of a flowing Japanese sentance.. and i shant' be exaggerating when i say you did a marvelous job!

Keep up the good work you guys =) your efforts are appriciated by more people then you see posting on the forums!! but with that said you'll probably see a little bit more of me around these parts ~

*edit* oh, and some of you folks not quite so 'down' with reading kanji like me will probably find this right-click dictionary (that i have set up to work with Goo) of some use.

- i literally just found this thing before i made this post (as evident by the picture, of course!) and i have a feeling i'll be making good use of it - the link to the extension i used is here

*edit 2* you know i think the board just dosn't like that | character that i use =(
It was that and the '. I've escaped them for you. - Haeleth

gp32 2005-08-22 20:55


Originally Posted by l|ammamama
(sorry copy/paste the url.. its a big picture and for some reason the board wont let me make a link out of it ;_;)

What, like this?

l|ammamama 2005-08-22 21:16


What, like this?
heyy now thats cheating! i dont know any of these crazy 'ahref' commands >;(

is there somthing with the [url=blahblah] tags that dont allow you to link to a .jpg file?

gp32 2005-08-22 21:19

No, it's just that phpBB chokes on |. So you escape that with an actual HTML command instead. Now go back to reading the voiced version. After you've done that, then go ahead and read the "World" and "Medical" sections of the website in full. See how that changes your perspective on the work.

l|ammamama 2005-08-22 22:30

I actually read through both of those pages shortly after running through the game the first time.

It was some interesting background on the japanese medical system, which gave some insight into other games as well - like Hijiri's clinic from Air. It certanly dosn't sound like a whole lot of fun to be a patient in a japanese hospital (not that an american hospital is all daisies).

The 'world' section, though, was especially helpfull to me. Not being a big geography buff, nor knowing the names of nearly any of the provinces in japan, made it very difficult to place where they were going. The funny thing is, that last summer i participated in an exchange program and lived in Yao (right outside osaka) for a month and a half. 'Awajishima' was the only place they named that sounded vaugely familiar when i was playing through the game, and thanks to your suppliment i realized that i had actually traveled to where the final sections of Narcissu takes place.

Being able to place the story in reality (well, my reality at least) made a big impact. Instead of simply seeming like some fairy-tale land that somthing sad happened in - i have vivid memories of the same bridge, perhaps even the same spot, that a certain photograph was taken.

I meant to thank you for putting that support site together.

Misu 2005-08-23 03:59

omg... I'm being stalked from the rl -_-.

Ah well, my two cents on Narcissu. I chose the voiced one first. Why I did this is becuase I believe, that though the human imagination is great, voicing it brings out more emotion. I admit, that the voice did put a focus on Setsumi, but only becuase she was the only character voiced. And though there were more than a couple slight flaws in the voicing, I still was delivered a feeling on unconcern about her death, that came through her voice. As the game progress, you could also slowly feel her voice change, when she finally had a small purpose to live for. I tend to believe in describing more then less, becuase it allows the read to feel more deeply with something/someone. One of the best examples I can think of was in the AIR Movie actually. It was the scene when Haruko begs Yukito to be Misuzu's friend. Photo -> I think this was one of the best and most moving scenes of desperation that I have ever come across. The reason was that it was pretty explicitly visualized to the viewer. They had the setup, that Zvfhmh jnf qlvat, Unehxb jnf qehax, naq qrcerffrq, naq Lhxvgb jnf cvffrq bss ng Unehxb. Then to couple that with an amazing image and voice acting of someone in desperation, it really slammed the emotion into the viewers face.
Though, I definately see the merits of letting readers imagination create the emotion, overall, I think a lot of people are not as good at imagining stuff, and they get a much more powerful feeling if they are given a little help along the way with more description, and/or audio/visual aid.

Some stuff is rot13 for small AIR Movie spoilers.

2005-08-23 07:31


Originally Posted by zalas
Would there be any easy way to get ahold of a few hard copies of this game other than getting someone to visit Tora no Ana for us or to use the auctions?
This shop claims that they ship overseas.
Countries accepting EMS only, responds to English and French inquiries.

They still seem to have stock so you'd have a good chance here.

2005-08-23 09:26

just started playing this game, unvoiced, at chapter 2 now...


why are all the good ones sooooo sad...

*tears gushing like a fountain*

GreatSaintLouis 2005-08-23 10:50

Gp32 had mentioned that he was going to send an email to your friend and mine, Himeya, to see if they would stock it. All of you who are interested in getting a hard copy of the game should do the same - if there's enough demand for it, they may decide to get a few copies. Besides, the hard copy is only ¥500, so it's guaranteed not to break the bank.

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