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conman 2010-05-26 18:41

ToHeart2 Translation project
This is the official thread for the To Heart 2 X-rated PC game translation project by Ittaku Subs, which is really just me with the occasional helpers.

Official IRC channel:
See conman or cman in channel if you want to help out, give feedback, or just say hello.

Current Status:
Translation Progress: 72.5%

Routes complete:
Konomi - translation, edit, translation check
Manaka - translation, edit
Tamaki - translation, edit
Yuma - translation, edit, translation check
Karin - translation, edit
Twins - translation, edit
Yuuki - translation
Yuuji - translation
Solo scenes - translation

Routes currently being translated:

Alpha 4 patch:
This contains a new executable, different font, and the routes for:
Solo scenes

Help required:
Any, but the following are most desired:
Translators, translation checkers.
Graphic editors with the ability to decensor pics :)

No effort will be put towards making a non X rated patch by me on this game. I do not believe this VN to be some kind of higher art form that is diminished by the presence of... well let's just say I like the H. If a programmer was interested in helping out to make alternative patches, they're most welcome to join in.

I am doing most of the the jobs on this project from translation to programming pretty much by myself in my spare time with occasional help from others, so please be kind in your comments and criticism. This project began in April 2007 and has a completion ETA of 2015+ with the current level of help, so patience is appreciated.

This post will be updated at regular intervals when significant progress has been made, or changes have occurred to the project.

AlphaSixNine 2010-05-28 03:24

are you planning to release a Karin and Yuma patch like with the 3 previous ones?
I wanna play Karin's route ;.;

conman 2010-05-28 04:24

Once they're edited. That's always been the plan.

Belgaesh 2010-05-28 15:15

The game is excellent, keep up the good work guys!

brimston 2010-06-03 14:25

You did a great job since now, but the thing is its a little complicated to have to always change the file whan changing character, maybe you could repost the link to a solo-file with all in it?

you already did in the other post, but the link is now dead :(

and by the way, i got a few questions i'd like to ask:
what did you used to translate?
how do you get to unpack the files?
I used to uncensore some pictures when I got some spare time, maybe i could help with that

conman 2010-06-03 18:00

I never posted a combined patch myself. Someone else did. As I said, I will provide one when the missing Manaka scenes are re-edited.

What did I use to translate? I'm not sure what exactly you're asking. If you mean text editors, I use kate. If you're asking what tools, then it's my knowledge of Japanese supplemented by dictionaries where required. No, I am most definitely NOT using one of those automated machine manglers to translate this. If you're asking how I generate the translation files, we unpack the files, extract the language only components as an xml file that is easy to work with for translators, then I add in translation and reinsert it into the unpacked files. This is done with our own software. Then I repack it.

What did I use to unpack the files? Rem was the original programmer on this game and provided me with software to do it. He also did most of the work on the xml extraction/translation insertion software.

I have someone trying to collate what uncensored pics are already out there on the net so I have maybe 1/3rd of the pictures uncensored already. If you're interested in trying to draw the missing pieces from the remainder, you'll need to coordinate with him so we should try and meet online, preferably IRC.

Scarletmoon 2010-06-07 18:38

Congrats ^^
Haven't checked up in a while, but it seems you're doing splendid right now. half mark on your own basically, phew, I bow to you Conman.

still no chance of trying a tl wiki project? ;b still think it could possibly attract more eager translators. if you do or not, I won't judge, keep up the good work ^^ I'll be happily looking forwards to the day of your eternal glory.

Shinikenshi 2010-06-25 05:22

I still stand by the fact that most people could learn Japanese faster than it takes to translate something this big.

Nevertheless, I applaud you on your progress, con. So long as it is still entertaining. :]

Cosign 2010-07-29 00:56

Hi I would like to do some translations checking. See private message.

conman 2010-07-29 05:43

Major milestone reached: 50% translated \o/
It does not mean anything for those waiting for patches, but I'm very pleased.

conman 2010-07-30 16:17

Welcome aboard Aerul as TranslateChecker and editor.

AlphaSixNine 2010-11-27 22:03

bump for progress

conman 2010-11-28 02:59

What a coincidence. I've been swamped with real life for a while and was just about to get back into it. So we lost a few months, but over half a dozen years, what does it matter?

AlphaSixNine 2010-11-28 05:05

well, I'm just glad it's gonna be continued now =D

drmchsr0 2010-11-29 18:23

...The last time someone tried to translate TH2, it ended in a bug fireball of butthurt and drama.

How sure are you this won't end that way?

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