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2006-04-03 14:06

never 7 +ever 17 thread

i've surfed the web a little and found

and review...

now my question: does anyone here have nerver 7?

and are there other games on dc/pc from the "infinity series"?

it sounds interesting to me.

2006-04-09 17:40

Nope, there are only 3 games for the Infinity series. Never7, Ever17, and Remember11. Remember11 is for the PS2 only and hasn't been ported over to the PC yet. I would love another game, but it looks like Remember11 didn't sell enough for KID to make any more.

Weave 2006-04-10 09:14

not familiar with these games, could you give some details?

idofgrahf 2006-04-18 22:06

The only game I've played was never 17 since it was the only game that was translated into english but if you want more info:

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