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Ryuusoul 2008-02-09 06:13

Utawarerumono Translation Patch Released


Asceai 2008-02-09 06:15

Win win win.

Vibeke 2008-02-09 06:32

On noes, farewell my exams ;_;

2008-02-09 07:19

Oh damn, there goes my free time!

EDIT: Correction, I get to loathe it's incompatibility with my CD version >_<

2008-02-09 07:39

Congrats guys. Good work.

Ryuusoul 2008-02-09 08:09

Odd... something goofed in the auto-line spacing... with any luck, it was ME that goofed when I did some post-testing edits... this will require some more game testing for me to isolate the line cutting errors...

mutio 2008-02-09 08:50

Congrats guys, we put up a news. For those who are interested, review of Utawarerumono:

Savta-tan 2008-02-09 09:03

been waiting for this.

drmchsr0 2008-02-09 09:05

Well, someone sure lost 20 bucks today.

mutio 2008-02-09 09:12

You mean 72.99 + shipping, that's how much it costs at Paletweb xD.

Ryuusoul 2008-02-09 10:30

Update: My computer died right before the new year, so I had to get a copy of our text input program. The copy I got was old, so it set line spacing to automatically be at 43 characters when it should have been at 40... so all these errors are the results of those new changes... fortunately, I only did up until a little into the first village scene after the 2nd battle with this outdated program... still kind of sucks.

Unregistered 2008-02-09 12:39

gah, problem don't know why!
Ya, after I installed the patch, when I tried playing the game I got an error message! Does anyone know why? I tried reinstalling so many times...

Unregistered 2008-02-09 14:02

Oh my god, so epic. I came buckets! I've been waiting for this with excitement and it's finally here! Thanks so much Mirror Moon and Soylations!

Ryuusoul 2008-02-09 15:40

Version 1.1 is available.

Line break problem fixed.

I recommend uninstalling and deleting all files, even reg files.

Anyway, version 1.1 lets you patch a Japanese install, but only a fresh Japanese one for now (not a previously patched one). I recommend just a clean install to English version (make sure you're using the right folder).

2008-02-09 16:16

Gah, my poor wallet... wasn't expecting this quite so soon.

Thanks, Ryuusoul et al. I'm looking forward to playing once my copy arrives.

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