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Unregistered 2008-01-21 18:14

can someone walk me through buying wind?
and how much is it in USD? a downloadable edition would be preferred

Asceai 2008-01-21 18:51

Wind Re:gratitude is no longer in stock anywhere, last I knew. You could buy it through a auctions intermediary; there might be some online guides to doing that, I dunno.

Unregistered 2008-01-21 19:13

i really liked the trial, being unable to read Japanese it's gonna be hard for me to even search for isn't it? *sigh*

2008-01-21 19:30

Not that I've done research, but if it is true that Wind Re: Gratitude is out of print, then things'll be more difficult,and more expensive.

A downloadable edition, to my knowledge, does not exist.

As far as obtaining a copy though, searching won't be as hard as you think.
1) Go to
2) Search for: Wind Re:Gratitude
3) You'll eventually find a listing, it won't be hard to notice as the title is in English. There currently is one listed there for 8000 yen as the initial bidding price (with what seems to be a 9000 yen buy-it-now option).
4) Register an account with a proxy service like Shopping Mall Japan ( ) or Akibado ( ) -- Personal note, I have dealt with both, and they work. I personally recommend Shopping Mall Japan, however, as they're quicker with setting up your bidding limits, and shipping. Akibado requires an immediate deposit, and usually only ships once a month.
5) Follow the instructions for bidding on auctions with your chosen proxy service.

Akibado can also do an item search for you (as in they'll do the search for you.) Keep in mind, this may cost extra, on top of what it would've cost just through auctions. A rough idea, assuming you obtain it for 9000 yen. It'll be around 1500-2000 yen for shipping. About 800 yen for internal shipping (shipping within Japan.) Plus about another 150-300 yen for bank transfer fees. Finally, there's the cut that the proxy service takes, which varies based on the value of the item being purchased, but will often be at least 1200 yen. Totaling up: 9000 yen (game) + 2000 yen (int'l shipping) + 800 yen (internal shipping) + 300 yen (bank transfer fees) + 1500 yen (proxy fees) = 13,600 yen. Now, to USD, it's about 110 yen per dollar. 13,600 yen / 110 yen/USD = $123.64, round to about $125. All considering, that's not bad, but if you have them search for the item, it may cost $135.

Another alternative, you could request HimeyaShop ( ) to restock or search for the item secondhand. It may cost about the same, or more.

GipFace 2008-01-21 19:48

Buy the PS2 version off for the low low price of $35. Then pirate the PC version and feel better about yourself.

Yes, I am encouraging you to pirate. We discontinued Wind PC CD and moved on to Wind PC DVD because it was out of print. Had I known that the PC DVD version would be discontinued as well in favor of the PS2 version, NNL would have done a standalone of the whole thing. The PS2 version has an ultimate good ending with the final character instead of a bittersweet one, too.

As far as I'm concerned, both versions of Wind PC are now abandonware. If minori doesn't care, neither will I.

Of course, you really didn't have to post in here. You could have, you know, e-mailed me about it and I would have said the exact same thing. Now my 42 posts have been broken up. Damn!

Unregistered 2008-01-21 20:38

so wind a breath of heart is Wind Re:Gratitude?

Asceai 2008-01-21 21:18

Wind Re:gratitude is the DVD edition of the game, which also packages the Wind fandisc. It is also the version that the NNL patch is for.

2008-01-22 02:17

<_< For a game that's supposedly out of print I've seen quite a few copies of it all around akiba in the different eroge stores, and the softmap where I buy most of mine lately. And it didn't seem like 9000円 when I last saw it either. So I'd suggest trying Akibado and seeing if they can't grab you one of these copies I keep eyeing. I assure you, they're still everywhere, and for now at least, not that expensive.

Re: Gratitude is the same game its just the DVD version that I beleive included an extra disc's worth of content? that may or may not have been translated? As it was wholly seperate from the game.

GreatSaintLouis 2008-01-22 03:17

Yeah, it seems tough to find online, but I wish I would have stopped to pick up every one of the sub-5000 yen copies I've seen in various shops and sold them to people expecting to pay twice as much. Would've had me a little spending money to grab Fortune Arterial by now!

Try deputy services such as Akibado's, as was mentioned before they'll often do a quick look for you outside of Yahoo! Auctions (though I have a strong feeling they maybe just check for the title used on Amazon -_-). Also, paletweb is more than willing to have a look around for a title every now and then, so you might try mailing them and seeing if they can't dig up a copy.

Asceai 2008-01-22 03:38


Originally Posted by kouryuu (Post 41534)
Re: Gratitude is the same game its just the DVD version that I beleive included an extra disc's worth of content? that may or may not have been translated? As it was wholly seperate from the game.

In the NNL wind build C patch Soyokaze no Okurimono has not been translated.

To be fair, while some bits of it are a little amusing, it is utterly nonessential to the plot.

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