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Misu 2006-01-07 06:28

Fate stay/night TV Anime Discussion thread!
So, obviously, since its licensed, no talking on where you got your Fate to watch, but since the RAW is out, for anyone whos watched it, care to put your thoughts down?

2006-01-07 13:05

Watched it last night...and I'm sure it'll be quite confusing to anyone who hasn't played the game. Too little story told. Largely a fan item I think, but Taiga provides some comic relief.

The episode begins with:
Fnore naq Tvytnzrfu oheavat qbja gur pvgl va gur onggyr gra lrnef ntb,
and ends at:
Nepure naq Eva qvivat qbja sebz gbc bs n ohvyqvat.

Think they have enough episodes to cover all the story lines?

2006-01-07 14:48

well I happened to have watched this since I am in Japan. though I don't have much thoughts on it since I've never really played the game or know any background info. though my friend explained it a bit and it seems to go well so far. like I knew Saber would not turn up in the first ep, that would be too quick since there is alot of stuff that happens beforehand.

2006-01-07 20:02

yagh! why did this anime have to come out over break while im stuck on dial up! no!

I got the first 4 minutes of it though... and Love it so far.

<_< but then ive become a bit of a fan...

zalas 2006-01-07 22:34

That very beginning with the two dueling seemed kind of cheesy to me, but I really like the remix of THIS ILLUSION (into disillusion -.-). I never ended up playing the actual game, but do they go through Shirou's back-history in the game's beginning, before the events in the prologue?

Haeleth 2006-01-08 05:23

Not as I remember it. They seem to be rearranging things quite a bit. But it's ages since I played the game...

CelestialShadow 2006-01-08 05:38

Actually, his backstory is the first thing that is shown once you control him. It gets more and more detailed as the story progresses.

The beginning duel reminded me of ky vs. sol in the guilty gear x promo video.

2006-01-08 16:41

Ooh the first fan sub is out, this will to be turned pretty interesting :)

Haeleth 2006-01-08 16:55


Originally Posted by CelestialShadow
Actually, his backstory is the first thing that is shown once you control him.

Clearly my memory of the game needs refreshing. ^^;


Originally Posted by And a guest
Ooh the first fan sub is out

As an aside: since subs of licensed shows not only infringe copyrights (like all fansubs), but also violate the basic ethical principles of fan translation, I would appreciate it if people who choose to watch the show with the help of fansubs didn't mention that detail here.

Haeleth 2006-01-14 16:25

Yay, episode 2. Again pretty good, though I couldn't help but feel they were glossing over an awful lot... some of Rin's motivations were left rather vague.

Worth it all to watch Shirow being kicked around at the end, though. ^_^

l|ammamama 2006-01-14 16:41

Having only played the Insani's translated demo for the game, I can only comment on things involving Rin and Archer - but it certanly does seem like an lot (most?) has been left out.

The scene with Rin using one of her 'seals' to get make Archer listen to her (which I seemed rather important in establishing Rins character) seems to have been skipped completely, and the rest of the development of their relationship has happens up untill this point seems to have been substituted for archers passing comment that "she really is a good master" or some such =/

That aside, it's still enjoyable. It just makes me want to play the game even more!

2006-01-14 16:52

If a lot is being skipped, it's probably 13 eps.

l|ammamama 2006-01-14 16:57

My guess is that Rin and Archer aren't being developed because the story path will focus on Saber and.. that other guy. But, having no idea how the early game plays from any perspecties besides Rins, I can't really tell if they're being more thorough with the other characters.

2006-01-14 21:14


Originally Posted by K
If a lot is being skipped, it's probably 13 eps.

funny... I heard it was 26 episodes. Maybe they just plan on covering both Fate, and as much of UBW as possible? which is why they're spread thin?

Personally i think they cut the Lancer/Archer fight waaay too short. They definately glazed over a bit of the info in the fight. And yea... You still don't really know anything about Rin yet. Maybe they plan on doing that later, once Rin comes into play more? since right now its been focused highly on Shirou.

... ^-^ or maybe they're being very nice to some of us... and following the HF scenario... which would be veeeery nice.... but i doubt it.

Leo_Otaku 2006-01-14 21:16

I thought it was offical being 24 ?

It is pretty awesome so far I think. I want more Saber tho ^-^"

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