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TsuchimiGun 2009-08-18 08:23

About RLDev...
I'm a Korean, and developing 'ALMA ずっとそばに…'(Bonbee) Korean patch.

ALMA is RealLive, so I unpacked SEEN.TXT(use RLDev).

And extracted SEEN0007.utf, I translated Korean, and compile.

Use command is :

rlc E:\ETC\ALMA_SEEN\ -i C:\ALMA_CE\GAMEEXE.INI -e UTF-8 -d E:\ETC\ALMA_ARCHIVE_TXT -t RealLive -f -x Korean

After compile, I have copied new script.
And I also copied rlBabel.dll and, add ' #DLL.000 = "rlBabel" '

But execute this game, Hangul is not printed.
Look at this pic. -->

How can I fix this problem?
Please help me T.T

LoSs 2009-08-18 09:33

you should use font that supports Korean characters. Also RL is kinda bitchy about non-unicode characters so I'm not sure that it will work but you should try it anyways

TsuchimiGun 2009-08-18 23:30

Dear LoSs...
Dear LoSs :
Thanks for your help.

But, I was use Korean font and saved Unicode, It doesn't work, too.

midishero 2009-08-20 18:46

I have played this game, but it must have a "Select Font" option in Game Settings.
If there is a option like that, It's solved.

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