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2013-02-20 08:58
djx6 can anyone tell me where I can get the SDK, the alicesoft website is locked to Japan only.

Edit: Never mind, I found one, but now I am following the guide and when I run the decompiler it keeps repeating two sets of information indefinitely. Any help would be much appreciated.
2013-02-18 21:39
Unregistered find it on tlwiki
2013-02-18 17:45
djx6 hi, I can't seem to find where to download the tool, could someone please help.
2011-10-28 22:28
Unregistered It's having trouble reading in a file or something, it looks like. At first I thought it was something I did wrong with the decompiling step, or the astt step, but I went through and triple checked them.

Satisfied that I couldn't figure out a missed step, I copied a free directory of the SDK and tried running the compiler on the default samples provided as is, and still get the same error.

Sys39c.exe reports
DIRFILE【 】の読み込みに失敗しました

I don't know if this is due to a bad SDK kit (I couldn't use the link provided earlier, and ended up using the copy included in アリスCD250) or my operating system (64 bit Vista). Maybe even something altogether different.

If I need to provide more details, or get into private correspondence with anyone willing to help troubleshoot this issue this would be great. Thanks in advance.
2010-11-07 06:35
Zweiterversuch TOOLS!!!
dear god thanks!

wait a min...where is the download link?

We are actually looking for those.
We are currently translating Rance 02 (the remake) and were kind of stuck.
if you are interested in the project and want to help or even join our cause please, visit our

or the following threads:

Mirrormoon forums

Beast's Lair


If you don't want to visit any of those, then send us an e-mail:

We are currently looking for programmers (hackers) and beta testers.
2009-01-09 17:54
BBKH While it looks to be a problem with the SDK or decompiler rather than ASTT I think this would be the best place to ask. I've been trying to get Rance 1 and 2 working using the guide included with ASTT but I've been having some trouble. Has anyone been able to get it to work, and if so how?

Edit: Never mind me, I should have played around some more. Fixed by adding some lines to
2009-01-08 00:21
Toaster Sweet, you couldn't have picked a better game.
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2009-01-06 01:01

I guess I can finally talk about this now. I've been working on a translation tool for Sengoku Rance these past few weeks and we've got the basics working on the text side of things. Still need to modify some Sys42 bytecode to get names and various other in-game non-script text working.
2009-01-04 12:49
KaioShin Awesome, you really helped me a great deal with this. I spent 2 days searching for this but couldn't find it. I'll put this to good use. If end up writing a new tool for something after all I'll make sure to make the information publically available.
2009-01-04 12:22
I guess I should log in to attach things, meh.
Alright. I'll explain.
There's a tool written by the creator of crass for System 4.0 that does packing/repacking of .ALD files, encoding/decoding of .AIN files and dumps the script from it.

In the AIN file, there two things that designate where the text is. One is a "MSG0" token that marks the ADV text. The other is a "STR0" token that marks everything besides ADV text, like skill names, people names, battle quotes. Everything that's not the story and not images belong in the STR0 section. You get the idea.

However, I believe that the creator did a quick and dirty job on the tool. Since it doesn't work for some sys4 games like Rance 6.

When decoding the .ain file, the tool outputs 3 things: 2 text files which are the script dumps and a decoded dump of the ain file. Also, the tool does not completely work for v1.04 of Sengoku Rance; it works up to v1.03 (i.e It looks for specific lines in the script to do insertion and specific line counts).

With v.104, the tool will decode/encode the .ain dump fine but the resulting script dump is a mess. Lines are missing when you compare a dump of v1.04 and v1.03 and thus, the line count that the inserter looks for is off. You can get it to work with a little trickery like copying the missing lines from v1.03. This is a very crappy method obviously since something somewhere will break soon enough.

ALD archives are the easier part to deal with. Both the sys4-crass tool and the official sys4SDK from Alicesoft have utilities to pack ALD archives.

However the sys4-crass tool does unnecessary "converting" when unpacking the archives. For example, when unpacking the GA (graphics) archive, the tool converts the QNT files into BMPs which is pretty stupid since you lose the transparency. And when repacking, it looks for the BMPs and not the original QNT files again, pretty stupid since you will end up with a 3gb+ archive that is not usable in game.

To counter this, extract the QNTs with suzie or something else then use a tool called QNT2BMP, attached below, to convert to 2 BMP files.

One BMP is supposedly the transparency and the other is the graphic.

Once again, not everything is so easy. The transparency extraction in the tool is messed up and gives some nasty results with regards to Sengoku Rance. So therefore, the only images you can edit are the ones that have no transparency.

Then after you have edited your BMPs you pass them through a BMP2QNT converter provided by the sys4SDK from Alicesoft.

There are two ways to repack the ALD archives. One way is to use the sys4SDK packer which is pretty good since it's an official tool that works but, you will need to create an index file for the packer which is pretty tedious.

The second way is to use the sys4-crass tool to repack. The thing I like about this is that you can generate an index file for repacking. Note that the index files for the sys4SDK tool and the sys4-crass tool are not the same at all so you cant generate one from the sys4-crass tool and use it with the SDK tool. So after you have generated an index file, you will have to rename the QNTs you extracted and edited to .QNT.BMP because the packer looks for that extenstion. Yeah, stupid, but it works.

With sound archives, things are easy since the sys4-crass tool extracts them to WAVs which are what they are supposed to be. But then again, you dont need to do anything to the sound files anyways. Hahaha....

tl;dr ver:
decrypting/encrypting AIN files = good!
resulting script dump = bad!
repacking ALD archives = good, sort of.
editing images = meh

Possible solutions:
Remember how I said that the AIN encoder/decoder gives you 3 files? 2 text files and the whole decoded AIN dump?
So to completely bypass the horrible script dump you just use the decoded AIN dump and extract the script yourself with a custom tool. Then insert the text back into the decoded AIN dump yourself, again with a custom tool. Then encoded the dump with the sys4-crass tool.

For images, thankfully the QNT2BMP tool comes with source so fixing the transparency extraction should be easy? (I have not worked with image formats at all lol)

So, I think that should completely explain everything I know. If you want to try it out yourself, I've attached everything mentioned except for the SDK which you can find yourself.
2009-01-04 01:09
KaioShin I think you misunderstood. The anonymous guy who posted those pictures said the tool was from the author of crass, not that it was the tool crass. Afaik the repacking portion of crass is only a planned feature for the future. Even if you had a version that included assage (the repacking part) there wouldn't be any functions for script editing, but the guy clearly had a tool that could do so. I looked at the unpacked AIN file crass created and found the text inside it, the problem is finding out how the text is indexed. The file is pretty complex with apparently all game scripting inside it too, so it's not just a plain text file.

There are two parts in the tool chain missing currently - one to extract or edit the text inside the AIN file and one to repack the AIN and ALD files.
2009-01-03 20:51
Toaster I would love to see an answer to your question as well. Last I checked the repacker would normally have been part of the latest crass distribution -- -- but was temporarily unsupported. It may be possible to find an older version of crass on baidu that contains the repacker, but it would only support sengoku rance up to version 1.03. If a newer version is out I assume it supports 1.04.

btw - I found Google's translation tools helpful in navigating baidu.|en|
2009-01-03 09:02
Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Yes, I know of that tool. The script dumping portion of the tool only works with version 1.3 of the game since it looks like the tool is a quick hack and it checks for hard-coded values defined in the program. You can get it to work with 1.4 but there are a lot of caveats that make it more trouble than it's worth. Other parts of the tool work such as .ain encryption and decryption and archive packing.

Well enough of that, images speak louder than words:

Where can I get this tool? I searched for a full day but couldn't find it. The fact that it's buried on some Chinese message board could propably be a part of the problem :P I know crass can extract at least the CGs, but it can't put them back together. Or is there a way to make the game load unpacked files instead of the ones from the archieve?
2008-12-04 16:37
Originally Posted by Toaster View Post
With AGTH there is no real need to translate the story line of most games. (That is, assuming one can read a little Japanese to start with.) That pretty much leaves the background images.
i think you might be mistaken
2008-12-04 16:01
Unregistered Does anyone have the low down on how to invoke the Crass re-packer? It seems to have become recently unsupported pending upgrades to crass.
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