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2009-04-13 22:00
Moogy Protip: Starting a translation project without a translator is generally a bad idea.

I'd suggest rethinking your approach instead of hoping some random dude appears.
2009-04-13 19:52
CrimsonFox Status Update: All images(menu, CG, etc.), menu text, and scripts have been extracted.

Now a translator is needed...
2009-04-12 09:10
CrimsonFox Thanks for the offer LoSs, I'll definitely take you up on it.
2009-04-12 06:07
Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
All the translators for eroge / visual novels are either:

A. Elitists / People who already know Japanese, and they don't bother translating crap they're not interested in if at all.
I think they all don't bother translating crap they're not interested in, whether they're elitist, busy, or still learning. There have been projects up in the air for like 2 years now without a translator, and honestly I don't think there's anyone with enough free time to be translating games randomly.

My point: find a translator that really enjoyed 'Cannonball', or figure out a way to make one think that it's the shit.

I dream of the day that there are TOO many translators.
2009-04-12 00:57
LoSs I can support you with translation/hacking questions, but you should search for expert translator because text is pretty tough. Appeal of this game is gameplay, story and Liar Soft.
2009-04-11 23:27
Unregistered All the translators for eroge / visual novels are either:

A. Elitists / People who already know Japanese, and they don't bother translating crap they're not interested in if at all.

B. Already busy with their own projects.

C. Don't know Japanese well enough, still studying, etc...

You might get lucky and find a random person to do it for you, but most random people tend to drop the project or let it sit in limbo because of real life issues or whatever occurs. And then we have the majority who are into everything translated, and don't bother with learning Japanese since they think other people will eventually do the work for them, which results in a big circle of people doing their own thing. But hey, they're doing it for free so whatever floats their boat.

That said, good luck finding someone.
2009-04-11 21:08
luckyovermind As far as I can remember the language of this game is more on the difficult side, errr no that's probably not the right way to put it, you will need a good translator to explain the setting well enough.
2009-04-11 14:08
GatoNegro well men, i'm still learning japanese, but is currently very bad, besides english is not my native language as probably you have already noted, so i think that only as a testers i could help...
2009-04-11 13:52
CrimsonFox Personally, so would I. Would you be willing to help out?
2009-04-11 13:49
GatoNegro Well anyway i would prefer Beat blades Haruka, i loved Sengoku Rance
2009-04-11 13:34
CrimsonFox It was but the patches fixed it.
2009-04-11 12:52
GatoNegro is this the game that was buggy as hell right?
2009-04-11 12:24
CrimsonFox I discussed this with a few other people who are willing to help out and we came to an agreement to try and translate either Cannonball or Beat Blades Haruka. Due to one persons love of this game we thought we would try and see if we could get this translated and if not we were going to try and do Beat Blades Haruka.
2009-04-11 11:01
NTX What's the appeal of this game? I'm going to guess that it's not really well known, and the art doesn't seem to be its strong point. You won't find a fan translator that'll work on a game they wouldn't want to play normally, why do you think they should try this game?
2009-04-10 21:23
Originally Posted by zalas View Post
Well, I think if there were any translators who are idle and want to pick up a new game, you'd have to demonstrate more on your part on what you can provide. For example, showing work-in-progress pictures of text successfully replaced in the game would be a good start.
Took your suggestion and after a few hours managed to insert one line of text that I translated using google translate.

And the edited version:

No formatting of course, but this is just to show that I can insert some text.
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