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2006-02-12 13:07
I bet Sony's going to do something like this:

Release BD players at an unreasonably high price, wait a while, then release the PS3 for a bit more.

They're both coming out this year... like the PS2 and DVD players. >.<
2006-02-10 09:37
l|ammamama Well, the BR players that we're talking about are the first generation set-top-box type, not an integrated drive like you'd find in a computer or the ps3. A stand-alone player is much more expensive then just the drive itself, because it needs a decent amount of horsepower to decode / run the images and programs that are on the BR discs.

That means you end up buying another whole little computer of sorts - and the first of anything is always way more expensive then it ought to be. And unlike the ps3 they won't be selling it at a loss in order to encourage people to buy games -_-
2006-02-10 09:16
PS3 will have BR player and probably won't cost over $500, maybe even less...say $400 or so.
2006-02-10 08:54
l|ammamama The prices I'd heard were quasi-speculation from an article I'd read a little while ago - like you seem to have found on Amazon, I don't think they're on the market just yet.
2006-02-10 08:26
zalas Current BluRay prices in Japan courtesy of Amazon Japan are in the 2000 USD range for recorders, 30 USD for single layer blanks and 60 USD for dual layer blanks. Don't see any normal players yet though.
2006-02-09 22:57
l|ammamama There's also going to be a software layer - in Java I think - which will allow a whole range of things. I'm not too clear on the details, but think interactive games as DVD extras, and that sort of thing.

Even ignoring the cost of a nice high-definition TV set, BluRay players are EXTREMELY expensive. Full featured will run you well over a thousand dollars =(

Although, I think there might be some early drives that don't support the software layer in the 800 range?
2006-02-09 21:46
stranger-offline I don't think there is a BLURAY PC drive yet... is there?!, I just broght my new notebook not 2 month ago (anyone intreasted in the specs?! :) )

the whole point of going to BLURAY is the extra space isn't it (and other feature to prevent/allow copying)?!, so am expecting higher res from the DVD version. (unless the BLURAY version = DVD BOX SET )
2006-02-09 18:28
DragonmasterX I don't think my DVD burner drive or my DVD player can read BLU RAY. Won't we all need new drives/new players to watch this new BLURAY Air?
2006-02-05 20:22
Originally Posted by mr.aufziehvogel
yeah, but as far as i know..the only hdtv tv here in europa, that can show 1080p ......9999euro :P

thats a bit high.. :P
I'm looking at getting a projector from a Taiwanese start-up called Cinetron. I love their name, it sounds so 80s.

so i would prefer 720p resolution.
It's extremely easy to convert 1080p to 720p. Not so the reverse. You can't bring back those 1,152,000 pixels of resolution once you've thrown the away.
2006-02-05 14:00
yeah, but as far as i know..the only hdtv tv here in europa, that can show 1080p ......9999euro :P

thats a bit high.. :P

so i would prefer 720p resolution.
2006-02-05 00:52
Carl I'm going to double dip on this, and triple dip if it's ever released in English. Yay for being an insane AIR fanboy!

I hope it's going to be in 1080p resolution, not 720p or 1080i. I don't want to be shortchanged and have to buy it in HD a second time to get the full resolution.
2006-02-04 22:34
I think the BluRay dvds will cost a bit more than 5900 yen (roughly $50US) seeing how it is a new technology. but there is no news to how much these will cost so far.
2006-02-04 20:54
I would imagine them to run around $30-$40 starting, then as it gets settled, come down.
2006-02-04 20:26
R2 DVDs are already really expensive... how much would a R1 Blu-Ray cost?
2006-02-04 18:28
zalas Let's hope the encode is better this time around... One thing's for sure, they have the chance to make the backgrounds look really gorgeous in HD, since the originals were pretty detailed.
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