View Full Version : Help with Leaf .a/.p engine?

2007-07-15, 11:01
This is my first experience with hacking and stuff, so I'm really really sorry if I seem like a total moron.

Okay, I'm trying to extract the script of December When There Is No Angel. I've tried opening up the files with a hex editor, but I have no clue where the script file is and I need help. I've already tried reading the tutorials at insani.org.

Anyone want to help me please?

EDIT: Nevermind. I got it.

2007-07-16, 11:40
Hrmm..., if you wouldnt mind Meriel, write up what you did to figure it out as it may interest others.

2007-07-25, 11:33
It would be great if someone posted some info 'bout these file formats.

2007-07-25, 20:16
I have a feeling that information on these formats, in its full verbosity, would probably overflow the forum's allocated space ;o Leaf has one of the most complicated file formats ever with their .p/.a stuff.