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2007-07-15, 00:06
all D.C. series using same .mes(maybe text) / .crx(maybe graphic) format.
I remember roxfan's about .mes format post.
but I can't find that post because old forum closed.
anyone know that circus .mes / .crx format unpack/repack method?
and How can I change D.C. program display other language?(ex:Korean,Chinese)

2007-07-15, 05:02
All the posts from the old forum made it here, just links that point to Haeleth's gemot URLs don't work. The thread in question that you want is this one (http://forums.visualnews.net/showthread.php?t=6865) in where roxfan and relentless flame do some talking about the .mes format.

2007-07-15, 09:18
Well, I understand .mes format. *.mes file isn't compressed, just text part offset by 0x20.
I can extract Shift-JIS text from .mes file by manually. (with WinHEX)
but I don't know that how can display other 2-byte language (like Korean) and .crx file unpack method.
I guess that almost circus game (especially Da Capo Series) using same way.
anyone has more idea or information?

2007-07-15, 09:31
The script format, or more precisely, the opcode mapping differs from game to game and you'll need to disassemble the game engine to get the exact mapping. I'm not sure how you would incorporate Korean; you may have to edit the executable to change to a different code page and get it to load a Korean font. Also, the text strings are terminated by 00h, which is actually 20h. Thus, any 20h in your encoding must be changed to something else and then converted back in the executable. Either case, you'll probably want to be able to reverse engineer the game executable to do any nice stuff with it.

2007-07-16, 07:37
nah, the strings in .mes files are not always encrypted: file names are not encrypted, while character names/message strings are, by 0x20 offset. either case the string terminator is always 0x00. the interpreter checks for string terminator before decrypting a string.

the get the game display korean, two modifications has to be made:
1. font creation, where youi modify the charset param from Shift-JIS to your desired charset
2. glyph cache hack, if you desired charset is "bigger" than Shift-JIS. this has to be done or else the puctuation symbols cannot be correctly displayed, such as space, period, comma, etc.

2007-07-17, 04:09
thank you for helping.