View Full Version : Problem playing Kanon

2007-07-13, 13:09
Whenever I try to do so now, a small amount of Japanese text will pop up and reference the save file. Any ideas what I should do?

2007-07-13, 15:37
Please post in the right section of the forum please.

Also, be WAY more descriptive of your problem and environment when asking for support.

Which version of Kanon are you running? The old AVG32 (CD-Rom version) of Kanon, or the more recent RealLive version of Kanon (DVD version)?

Can you post a screenshot of the box?

What OS are you running it on?

Do you have your Unicode setting set to Japanese or are you running this through appLocale?

Do you have Haeleth's English patch running?

2007-07-13, 18:38
Actually, I figured out was wrong. Sorry for the false posting section and all that too....