View Full Version : Higurashi Onikakushi-hen Chap1 display problems

2007-07-03, 12:39
I'm lost...I followed the instructions but everything is still japanese.
What's going on??
When I click the onscripter it shows up for two seconds as all black, and then vanishes.

2007-07-04, 05:35
Next time, please be more descriptive with your problem.
Are you patching the demo version of Onikakushi-hen or the full CD version?
Which patch are you applying (look at the name of the rar file), Onikakushi-hen_demo_3 or Onikakushi-hen_3?

I was able to recreate ONS showing up black for two seconds then closing out by installing the demo of version of Onikakushi-hen then applying the full version patch to it (Onikakushi-hen_3.rar). Its quite probable that if you did the reverse of installing the demo patch onto the full version, you would see a similar issue.