View Full Version : [Solved] Oddities with Narcissu's text on Linux

2007-07-02, 08:50
http://pici.se/thumbs/t_iGmVqVyZh.gif (http://static.pici.se/pictures/iGmVqVyZh.png)

Using Ubuntu 7.04 and OnScripter 20051013-1. I /could/ run Narcissu on Windows XP via VMware, but seeing as this version is supposed to work I'd rather solve this weird problem. Thanks in advance!

EDIT - Changing from some 2005 build to onscripter-en-20070615+2 solved it.

2007-08-03, 02:26
The original NScripter / ONScripter (SRC) is Japanese made... Japanese People have no use for 1Byte Text aswell as Formatting of Text...

Later INSANI & CO added 1Byte Text and automatic Formatting into ONScripter... normally you can build the Sources with this Support activated by setting some Compilation Flags.

I'm happy you solved it already, but I just wanted to clear up what was the Problem.

Greetings, Coldbird