View Full Version : Alternate To Heart player?

2007-07-02, 00:31
I have the PC version of To Heart. Does anyone know the name of the engine, and if there are alternate implementations, for example on Linux?

It works on XP, with the help of _inmm.dll (or whatever it's called) for sound... but after a opening it a few times it just randomly stops playing any sound - the inmm server loads (so I know the exe is patched) and the CD spins, but there is no BGM or sound effects.
This can only be cured by completely removing and re-installing it. I'm getting kind of sick of that now, so I wondered if anyone had any ideas?

2007-07-03, 08:21
xlvns should be an X-windows based implementation of the Leaf Visual Novel system that ran the original versions of Shizuku, Kizuato, and To Heart. It used to be at http://leafbsd.denpa.org/ but that site is down. I'm sure the source is floating around somewhere.

2007-07-07, 05:49
Thanks for the pointer. I tracked down this, which is veeery old:
But does work (see end of post).

Sound effects now work. CD music doesn't. CD player looks like it's playing, but of course the analogue out isn't hooked up to anything.
Does anyone know of anything for Linux which can be used to make CDDA be used rather than analogue feed from the CD drive, kind of like _inmm tries to do on Windows?


For anyone else wanting this...

I had to make some changes to make it compile under GCC 4.1.2, and also change some stuff for current locations on Ubuntu/Debian.
Also, the '-name' option given in the man page, to choose what game to use, is not even implemented as far as I can tell... so rather than waste my time I just added a line to hard code game type to To Heart.

I was going to paste the diff in here, but since comments are in eucjp and get mangled by the forum, it'll have to be a file on a server that is down most of the time:

Instructions for the uninitiated:

1) Download the tar file linked above
2) Download the above patch file.
3) tar -xzf xlvns_0.0.20010827.orig.tar.gz && cd xlvns-0.0.20010827.orig
4) patch -p1 < ../toheart.patch
5) make
(Make will fail when it gets to the man page, but by then the xlvns executable should be built anyway)
6) mkdir ~/to_heart
7) cp xlvns thfont.tbl ~/to_heart
8) cp /media/cdrom/install/* ~/to_heart
9) cd ~/to_heart
10) mv LVNS3.ex_ lvns3.exe

Then just execute ./xlvns and it should work...