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2007-06-27, 15:36
I have been having Nnscripter, i downloaded mosty evey thing from the site. I can't seen to get it to open or get it too work.

2007-06-28, 00:44
First, which site are you downloading from? Which version of nscripter?

What do you mean when you say it doesn't work? Keep in mind that nscripter by itself won't do anything; you need to create some script files or use it with an existing game. If you're trying to assemble script files, remember that the programs for doing so are command-line based; if you double click them in Windows they won't do anything.

Also, you might want to consider using ONscripter instead; especially if you're planning to use a language other than Japanese (which is my guess since you're posting here.) See here (http://dev.haeleth.net/onscripter.shtml). Also, check out insani's onscripter pages (http://nscripter.insani.org/) which provide the only real English documentation for nscripter/onscripter in existence.

2007-06-28, 04:53
How does it go by editing an existing game?

2007-06-28, 06:57
If you look at insani's ONscripter SDK Page (http://nscripter.insani.org/sdk.html), you'll see a variety of tools to use to edit Nscripter based games.

For a quick overview into editing Nscripter games, follow these steps (also read all the READMEs provided with each program):

1) If you already have nscript.dat in your game, download NSDEC out and run it on your nscript.dat file to get a 0.txt from it.

1b) If there is no nscript.dat in your file, you must either download NSAOut or SARDec and unpack the nsa or sar files, and then you should find an nscript.dat.

2) Edit the 0.txt to your hearts content, then rebuild it into a nscript.dat using ncsmake (included with NScript SDK).

3) Put in your nscript.dat into an ONScripter build (http://nscripter.insani.org/onscripter.html) (and also your resource files (either the nsa or sar file)) and then open up ONScripter and see if it works.

Sorry I cant give you more detailed instructions then that right now. I've got a plane to catch in a couple hours.