View Full Version : Clannad PS2

2007-05-31, 10:23
I can't figure out where I can have Tomoya have his voice. Obviously it is here someplace....

2007-06-01, 16:17
I've looked through options and stuff *sigh*

2007-06-01, 21:52
I asked about it too a long time ago, well, actually, what I asked a long time ago was whether or not Tomoya was voiced in PS2, and from what I remembered, I got an answer that he wasn't voiced :p So perhaps that's the reason why you won't find any option to enable his voice XD

2007-06-02, 21:21
But it totally has a voice listed for him, which drives me crazy. As well there are . I can't imagine why they give him voice if they wouldn't use it but .... I have no idea u_u and what is the deal with the PS2 not including the OP sequence?


he sounds like so much fun lol

2007-06-02, 21:59
That voice is only for the special bonus DVD which is basically a montage of scenes from the game itself.

2007-06-03, 20:08
so he gets no voice >.> how lame is that

2007-06-07, 05:57
The PS2 has the Op sequence. Just don't press any button and wait some minutes at the main menu.

Yeah, unfortunately it has no male lead voice. I think reading with your own voice it's part of the "play" in these games. But it's a pain for we who can't read japanese (/me Brazilian, sorry for any english mistakes).

Maybe this change in future (who knows? after the anime?). The new Kanon port for PSP has protagonist voice (Sugita Tomokazu \o/).