View Full Version : In-game text doesn't play in Planetarian installed from retail KN purchase.

2007-05-26, 15:06
Hi, I just puzzled out the Kinetic Novels download site and bought a nice new DL copy of Planetarian after finding out about your translation patch from Wikipedia.

I installed it and then installed your patch, and the UI shows up correctly in English. However, when I start the game, it just displays two periods on a blank field and is stuck there. I can still return to the main menu and such, but the in-game text appears to be broken. Before I ran the patch, I played the intro to the novel in the original Japanese and it played fine.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Or if it is a new DRM issue and unfixable, can I obtain a transcript of the translation at least (though I suspect it's not since the UI comes up fine)? I don't mind playing it in Japanese if I can at least have a translation handy, though I'd obviously rather play your patch, of course.


2007-05-26, 19:48
if its the same engine (RealLive)as the CD version you might be able to use the method described here.


I don't know much about the DRM versions (ordered the CDROM from Himeyashop)... but that's my best guess ^^;

2007-05-27, 16:44
Hrm, how do I determine if it's using RealLive or not? I don't see anything in the folders to indicate if it is, is there a file that I should look for that would give it away? I do know the install went differently from as described--the .exe I DL'd from KN simply unpacked a set of cab files (if I recall correctly), and bam, it was set up and ready to go. Surprised me that it was that streamlined.

2007-05-28, 15:58
All Kinetic Novels run on RealLive, though they may run on different versions of RealLive.

2007-05-29, 19:47
All Kinetic Novels run on RealLive, though they may run on different versions of RealLive.

Ok, I'll try it ASAP then, thanks!