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2007-05-09, 17:03
i'm new here... so hello all you key fans ^_^, but now to the main point that i hope someone can help me with....

ok i have recently installed the planetarian demo... but for some reason it will start up just fine, as soon as i click start, it will start with the three sections of text.. then it will go to the first actual scene(overlooking a street and some buildings) a girl will talk and it just always locks up... when the scene starts there is no text and the music will just keep playing... but that is is...

no matter what i do it just always locks up at that spot and it is apsolutely killing me... i really wanna enjoy planetarian.....

i easily meet the system requirements and i am using windows XP

i sure hope someone can point me in the right direction.....

2007-05-09, 18:35
A quick search of Planetarian will bring up quite a few threads on the topic on it.

Since theres no need to repeat myself at others, just read it up here (http://forums.visualnews.net/showthread.php?t=6804&highlight=planetarian) =D (as this sounds like what your having issues with).

If that doesnt work, try to give us a very detailed description of the issues and the hardware/software setup you have + can you run any of the demos/doujin visual novels?

2007-05-09, 19:47
i did a search since i figured that someone would have already had the same problem i had.. but somehow i couldn't find what i needed...

but becuase i'm a moron... >_< i over looked something very simple... and you pointed me in the right direction there misu.. so thank you!!! sorry to have wasted thread space....

once anain and thank you for your help!! i now can start enjoying planetarian...

2007-05-10, 12:09
ok... i think i can now be called an uber noob.... i have played the trial version of planetarian.. now i need to finish it... so i am trying to download the game... and as this post says http://forums.visualnews.net/showthread.php?t=7509&highlight=planetarian

they have changed how to get it.... so the guide i was using is of no real help to me at the moment...

my problem being that when i get to this page


the only button that works for me is the dark pink one... and all that does is start the download for the demo version.... when i click on the lighter pink ones all i get is an error message like thing.... and none of the other links really get me any where either....

so i really am stumped i have been all over that page trying to figure it out.... i am sorry to once again be a bother.... but this is the first visual novel that i have had the chance to enjoy.... so i am an uber noob... please i ask for some help once again....

2007-05-10, 14:08
Yeah, the guide hasnt been updated in ages and since its conception kinetic-novels.jp has gone through some big changes.

I would like to make a advanced warning that I don't know if the Planetarian patch works on the current downloadable version of the game anymore. I heard they did some DMR changes and I don't know if anyone here has tried since they did those changes (though please voice up if you've tried and it worked).

The alternative way to play the complete game (though definitely more costly) is to buy the CD-Version from Himeya (http://www.himeyashop.com/product_info.php/products_id/3521) or PaletWeb (http://www.paletweb.com/login_adult.asp?hit=no&ItemNo=00603) (yes, PaletWeb gives you a stupid over 18+ prompt when the game is fully all ages ><) and use the thread in this section of the forum the details how to apply the patch to the CD version of the game.

The advantage of that method is you get a pretty physical copy of Planetarian, and you get to have Revvie's voice which is not in the download version of the game.

2007-09-06, 02:54
Sorry for a late answer. What worked for me some time ago was: installing the japanese version, playing it past the intro movie, then installing the english patch. In the rest of the game, there were no problems.