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2007-04-17, 23:11
alright, first hello everyone, since this is my first post as a registered user.i hope to become a reliable member of this community,so pleased to meet you all.

Ok, now that's out of the way here's what i wanted to talk about.
saying "i" managed to port an English version of tsukihime to the psp would be a lie i think, since i did not write any code lines (since i can't code at all). but by using existing software and listening to advices given by a lot of different people, i did succeed in making it work. using a legally owned copy of tsukihime and mirror moon's English patch, i took both the arc.sar and arc.nsa and combined them together.

unfortunately, the English version of onscripter for psp is based upon an old dreamcast version, thus not having most of the features from it's Japanese counterpart, one of these includes the ability to use 640X480 in a fullscreen environment. because of this, i had to reduce all image sizes to 56.25% of their original size. the program i used is from insani's website, and did the job well...at least for the original files. i unfortunately had to resize manually all images from mirrormoon, since the program used did not support png files.
Once this was done, the recompiled arc file was used on the psp with the English ons.

i was able to play through an entire route without problems, it was a bit laggy but sound was working (need mp3 files of track 01 and so on...), and even if it was a pain to read due to it's small size, i was happy, since it was working.
but once i gained the second title screen, i could not do anything anymore, i couldn't select any options on the menu and was unable to play. at first it just seems like a crash, but the music is still playing and the ons itself is still responding. i guess i may have made a mistake somewhere, but i don't have the knowledge to fix the problem...

now i can also play the japanese version of tsukihime using the very recent japanese ons for psp (support ogg music files too). this time, the game plays in fullscreen and it's pleasant to read due to large Japanese fonts. game plays flawlessly through all routes.

all this to ask one thing, is there anyone here skilled enough to port the latest English version of ons to psp? i'm nearly 100% sure i could run Tsukihime perfectly in English on it.

sorry for long post but i tried to give some background. i also want to ask if i can link to other sites to explain where i got everything to make it work.

*edit* alright, you can see how the whole thing started here, as well as getting details...