View Full Version : generic game menu in ONScripter

2007-02-24, 16:27
I have been working on and off on a demo translation of Higurashi and for the most part I am just fixing a few basic stuffs from the script file of the original game, but I couldn't find where the autor put these infos:


In the original script, I can see here and then stuffs like "generic menu number 1" (well, in japanese) but it seems to be used for the screen title and not for the windows bar.

For now, I have transformed the text for the right-click menu so players can save their game, but it's just not as functional as the whole menu.

2007-02-25, 02:50
The menubar in NScripter does currently not exist in ONScripter because it is very difficult to implement it in Linux and OSX. gp32 had a good go at integrating wxWidgets once but it turned out he'd have to rewrite all user control functions of ONS to go through wx (as far as I understood, I'm no programmer).

You're probably stuck with the rightclick menu, but you can modify it to be more functional than the usual text-only. See Red Shift or Narcissu for examples. Unfortunately I don't think the commands used to do it are documented in insani's command reference at this time.

2007-02-25, 08:55
Thanks for the info.
I just assumed it was written somewhere - but searching through 8MB of text can get tedious, so I thought I'd ask...

The right click menu is enough for now, since the player only needs to save and load anyway. All the other options can be set from the original game executable.