View Full Version : planetarian and BB Games

2007-02-22, 07:00
When planetarian got a patch, I purchased the game from BB Games, as the guide provided by insani said so. I played through the game and I enjoyed it. Now, a year and a half has passed and I'd need to redownload the game for an article I'm currently working on. I've redownloaded the game once before since my initial purchase; I've updated the DRM on the site, and got my download link, and the game worked fine. But now, there simply is no drm center anymore. bbs.drm-center.com doesn't exist.

The game can still be purchased online and is now offered through a different service than BB Games, but why would I need to purchase something again if I already own it? This pretty much irritates me, and I was one of the few who still held some faith in the whole idea of DRM.

If anyone knows a solution to my problem or can offer some insight on what happened to the service, I'd very much appreciate it.

2007-02-22, 07:37
always a problem when you have a drm protected program. which is why I went and bought the cd version. good luck though