View Full Version : How can i do a status window in ONscripter?

2007-01-26, 09:51
HI! =P
Well... i need help cause I wanna do a game in ONscripter and I wanna have a window that shows me some variables like... my level of strength, study, my money, etc..
Besides, I wanna show the hour elapsed and the day and month.

I read the commands of ONscripter and I didnt find any command that helps me.

Can I do what I want with the ONscripter?
Can I complement ONscripter with other program for to do it?

Help me plz =P
Byeee =)

2007-01-26, 10:00
Hi Orochinnnn, you might want to look up mode_saya and bar, barclear, prnum and prnumclear in the command reference (http://nscripter.insani.org/reference/). The display of days and/or hours would probably best be done with graphics using for example lsp or blt.

2007-01-26, 10:30
Oh Thanks Message =P
I didnt have idea what is mode_saya xD Now I know it =P
Thx! =P
Im gonna try to do it works =P

2007-01-29, 21:42
Uhhh Excuse me but...
I still dont understand how to use graphics with lsp =S
I wrote things like...
lsp 0,"images/barrita.bmp",0,0
print 2
But I dont understand why it doesnt works =(
Can somebody explains it to me plz =3

2007-01-30, 05:41
Could it be that you are using an old version of ONS? Check whether your image is actually found by looking in stderr.txt for errors. Also try a redraw after the print. The code as you pasted it should work as far as I can see...