View Full Version : rldev Recompiling

2007-01-21, 10:25
Hi, I'm truly new at the whole rldev thing. I was just wondering if someone can tell me the steps in recompiling an edited-seen.txt. I've tried c:\rldev\bin\kprl -a seen0001.txt But I guess that's not right, since it tells me no files found. Thanks

2007-02-14, 13:37
you assemble the kepago file(*.ke), not the original file (*.txt). So it would be:

c:\rldev\bin\kprl -a seen0001.ke

2007-02-15, 19:02
No, you have to compile with rlc then archive with kprl -
for %a in (*.ke) do rlc -v %a
kprl -a seen.txt *.txt