View Full Version : Having Problems Playing/ Installing Gloveon Fight and Planetarian CD-ROMs

2007-01-13, 19:18
I have two bought versions of

Glove ON fight and Planetarian. I'm having the hardest time getting them to install for Glove on Fight I get an error saying Program Excuetable Files.

And Planetarian I'm not sure even why, I heard you could also get the download 10 dollar voicless version patch to work for it. But nothing is working. I'm trying to follow the install guide here: http://forums.visualnews.net/showthread.php?t=7172

So far I have downloaded rldev, 7-zip and all. When I try to get the patch installed. I'm so confused about batch files and what not. I can't install the patch to begin with. What is suppost to be a batch file? Can someone help clear up these steps? I just want to play my game :( I'm so bad with computers. I have MSN or AIM if it is better.

I have a PC computer Windows XP. Not sure what other information is needed. But If anyone can help me figure out what is going on or what I need it would help bunches.

2007-01-14, 05:13
The instructions on that page are fairly complete.

The batch file basically uncompiles the script files used by planetarian in the AVG32 engine and recompiles it into the REALLIVE version.

A batch file is basic text saved in a file and can be edited with a text editor and can be run just like an exe file. Just like actors follow a script, the computer does what is in the batch file.
You can just copy and paste the code posted into the cdpatch.bat and save it with notepad.

I'm not sure if that clears up your problems or not...
good luck.

2007-01-16, 21:54
It seems to be going alright until i come to the last bit with typing in rldev in the DOS prompt. It says to type this C:\rldev-1.39-win32-1 when in fact the file name when I save it is C:\rldev-1.39-win32. When I press enter I get: You appear to have put in the wrong directory.

But I have put it in the right one i'm thinking it may be somthing else.

2007-01-17, 00:50
personally I don't like typing more in the command prompt then I have to but I remember having a problem like that too. I'm not sure why but renaming the rldev directory to simply rldev seemed to fix it. If nothing else it will save you a few keystrokes. After renaming the directory just type:

cdpatch C:\KINETICDATA C:\rldev

windows always seems less fussy the shorter filenames are.

2007-01-17, 21:19
Oh oh...it seems to be working 0_0 You are a god! Thank you soooo much for your time and help!

Do you have any suggestions for what is wrong for Glove On Fight?

2007-01-17, 23:38
Sorry not much I can do for that. I've never heard of a Program executable file error so I can't really recommend a solution. Regardless, I'm glad to hear you got Planetarian working.

2007-01-25, 12:00
A stupid theory...

Have you installed the Asian Idiom support and AppLocale? o.O;

2007-02-07, 17:55
I'm not sure what that is, where do I find this>

2007-02-08, 03:27
The asian idiom support... let me see... I hope I don't forget anything here! ^_^;

Go to Control Pannel => Regional and language options and so, the languages tab. You'll see a option called "install files for East Asianm Languages". Mark the box and install it.
Oh! and don't forget to pick your winXP CD. You'll need it!
I think it isn't too much different with win2K.

** Of course, if you get your WinXP copy, and nLite, you can make this fu**in' useless winXP CD a little better, makin' it install these idiom support with all the OS, but that's another story...

If only this doesn't work, you could change the locale settings to japanese (you can made it in the 1st tab of the Regional and Language settings), or use the applocale, an extension for the compatibility mode of WinXP SP2.
Once you got these things, Install it and so, right click in the executable. Choose "locale japanese"...

Unfortunately, AppLocale can't be downloaded if you have an... eh... "not-so-cool" windows copy, once that's a "protected" winXP update by all these crazy WGAs and such... If you have an original one, here we go!

If not, you can find it somewhere... =/

2007-02-08, 20:04
I checked and I seem to have all that and it still will not work :( is there somthing it runs on that I possibly do not have do you think?

2007-03-01, 03:08
That's a lot of dificulty... :(

Do you have a "slipestream"/modified/pira(don't interest me even a little bit, no offense intend in any aspect) version of winXP in your PC?
Mine is a slipstream WinXp SP2, and failed to load EFZ and Fallout 2 due to resolution problems... Compatibility mode failed for both (Even with manual install for Fallout 2; Installer always fails), as well as AppLocale for EFZ. And it's a big strange, once the another games I have still work, even one who isn't compatible with win2K/XP (Needs a 2K/XP patch plus NO-CD funcionality)

** Ah yeah! The fact you have a slipstreammed copy doesn't mean it's a pirated one. Of course some people made several modified versions with crazy features (Such as WinXP SP3 who needs a DVD to burn), but that's isn't the question.
I talked this because I have a slipstreamed (Take winXP CD, integrate the SP2 and HotFixes = slipstreammed XD Take all this and use nLite = Unnatened.) version of windows in my PC, with my own legal and official serial (Yeah, it's ORIGINAL!) as I said before. However, They still worked in non-slipstreamed WinXP installs and in my Personal Win2K SP4 slipstreamed. Scream!

Leo_Otaku, I got the game (don't ask me where, or you'll be punish as I was!) for test purposes (I hated this game, too much slow in my PC!) in an English WinXP SP2 with VERY RESTRICT user accounts, NO asian idiom support, NO Applocale and NO Ctrl + Alt + Del avaliable (It's true!)

...and the game worked with NO AppLocale, NO Compatibility mode and NO Asian idiom support (I mean: Worked, simply ^_^), but this game have run very SLOW, if you consider it's a AMD Atlhon 1.6 GHz with 896 of RAM and 32 onboard grafic card...

Try to reduce ScreenColor and TextureColor to 16 bits, and run in FullScreen.

I tested Windowed mode, but some games works faster with fullscreen. I can't test Fullscreen here and now. =/

Good luck, 'cos that's all I could do.