View Full Version : RealLive KOE (.nwk) format

Richard 23
2006-12-31, 08:47
I was wondering if anybody knew where I could find information about the .nwk file format used for RealLive character voices. A compression/extractor utility would be really useful, if one even exists.

The Clannad voice patch appears to use the KOE folder rather than the WAV folder for voices, so someone's probably figured it out.

The reason I ask, is that if one were to convert the Air or Kanon voice patches (AVG) for the Standard Editions (RealLive), it might make more sense to take advantage of the KOE/.nwk file format for two reasons:

1. compression (if .nwk uses a compressed audio format)
2. fewer files

Air Voice Patch: 1.75gb; 17,632 files in 25 folders
That's using the default: 22050 PCM WAV files

If using KOE would shrink that down a bit, it might be worth using.

I'm tinkering with a script to apply the Air voice patch to Air Standard Edition right now, so it probably wouldn't be that difficult to apply it to the KOE/.nwk format if it was worth it.