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2006-12-18, 17:51
I was wondering what tools or (a specially information) there might be drifting around for older games that used .m (for midi music), .gra (for graphics), and .ovl (for script files). somewhat for the sake of the graphic files, but mainly to due with the ovl scripts. I know there's some old dos tools made up for individual games to convert the .m's to .mid's, midi files... But it would be nice to find some info on the OVL script files even if there aren't tools made for them. Such as any kind of hex info on commands and such. (for example: jumps, if-statement info., graphic display commands, line pause, text clear... and such things.)

I'm also interested in the formatting used in Paradise Heights 1 & 2 (which is similar to that used for True Love). (Little Side-Note: PH1 & PH2 used different ways than the un-translated PH3... which I've got info laying around about... even a little tool. Too bad that PH3's client was only still somewhat compatible up til XP+SP1, come time for XP+SP2 it stopped working and the client went erroring out on execution.) I at one time had some susie plugin for ph1&2 (i think) for the archives (maybe even the graphics) but no longer seem to find the graphic plugin. I beleive on the archives i had to rename them with some sort of extention to get them to work back then even. Any help would be greatly appreciated, though. I still got extracted files around i beleive for ph1&2, but could use some converters (definately for the mrs graphics) and something info on the inner workings of the mdt script files. I beleive some of it is quite obvious to me after having worked on PH3 (though it's been a long-- time.), butit would help if someone already knows about the jump commands, if-then's, and more about the name linking in it which i could probably figure out better if i took the time to look at that part.

2006-12-19, 05:29
From what I recall those files were used in JAST's engine, and since they went bankrupt many years ago there probably won't be much to find anymore. In a distant past I helped PeaPri's programmer fix a number of bugs in the JAST USA Memorial Collection and I spent some time on trying to figure out a way to get the music files from Season of the Sakura converted to midi. It didn't work out, most notably because even then there just wasn't anyone who could tell us how they worked anymore. An experienced programmer might be able to figure the format out, but that's not my forte.

Either way, I know of only two people who've done any hacking work on the translated eroge from back then, being BasF (http://www.geocities.com/basftech/) and Pete (http://www.geocities.com/hentaihelper/p_gmhelp.htm). It's not much but maybe it'll help you.

I did once get the decrypted script files for the DOS version of SoS from Peter Payne... Not sure if I still have them though.

2006-12-19, 10:29
Either way, I know of only two people who've done any hacking work on the translated eroge from back then...
My friend was hacking SoS and translating it into Slovak, on his late page http://seasonofsakura.szm.sk/index_1024_768.htm there was a 40 or 60% patch already, as well as some utilities, name changer and my favorite sspoint, which shows you the current point for each girl from the save, quite handy.

2006-12-19, 16:06
It's nice to see people translating them into other languages as well.

I think in some rare cases as far as midi, it might be almost easier to go back to the PC-98 rom version that floats around the net, rather than the Win95 or DOS versions. If only i could remember more about the audio tool that worked on some PC-98 games, i'd tell ya. Not sure how well it worked but i know it included games such as True Love, Seasons of Sakura, Coming Heart, Eve Burst Error, and Desire Haitoku no Rasen and others.

2006-12-20, 01:30
That reminds me, Grapholic (a win16 application much like susie) is capable of decrypting all resources for True Love and the other Otaku releases. As far as I know it's free. It can't handle the JAST engine, but because of its age it could be worth something for those older games.