View Full Version : Does somebody have tool for light's game engine?

2006-12-07, 23:54
I want to make English patch for 群青の空を越えて.

Does somebody have unpacking and repacking tool for it?

2006-12-18, 18:51
I'd suggest starting with searching for the title in both kanji and english in google and on vector and try to see if you can find a susie plugin to extract stuff (mainly the scanario files). Then test and see if the client can run off of the unpackaged script files from whatever folder(s). Also finding out rather there's compression or not in the packing method, and what kind of commands you can figure out through use of a good hex editor. I'd suggest Ultra Edit-32 (so to see kanji) and Hex Workshop (for checking the math of jumps and stuff). You might also check an tell us what kind of file extentions it has for stuff, in the slight case that it might be the same or pretty simular to something else.