View Full Version : How can I run kirikiri engine in Korean window except changing non-unicode settings

2006-12-07, 23:50
I want to make Korean patch with STARTRAIN,

but it doesn't work in Korean environment.

I unpacked scr.xp3 and data.xp3 and changed documents in unicode format.

But it also doesn't work.

What should I do?

Somebody help me~~

2006-12-08, 15:34
This may well be non-trivial. Like many Japanese engines, KiriKiri 2 is hardcoded to expect a Japanese environment - even if the text is Unicode, it tries to use Japanese fonts etc.

In other words, one would probably have to modify the executable itself (maybe taking advantage of the fact that it's open source), or it might be possible to write a plugin that implemented a new text output engine in some way.

However, there doesn't seem to be a trivial "just change this variable" solution; it will almost certainly need a skilled programmer's attention.

2006-12-08, 15:40
Thank you for your reply.

if it is not rude, would you help me, haeleth?

2006-12-09, 18:29
hmm, dunno much about Korean charsets, but KrKr2/KAG3 *always* worked fine in Chinese environment (both simplified and traditional) when you convert *all* script files into UNICODE. That is, *all* of them, including startup.tjs, the *.tjs files in system, and the *.ks files in scenario, and the like if there's more.

If you're looking at an exception saying can't convert ANSI string into UNICODE, you probably want to trace where the exception occured with the built-in debugger/console, and just tweak the script; the GDI part working on the frame of the window might cause some problems, but you can work around it. No, you don't have to do any changes to the executable. The engine willl use any font you tell it to in your script.

2006-12-19, 18:37
Hello, rednaxela.

Would you help me to running kirikiri game in Korean environment?

I opened all documents in Japanese envirionment with notepad after I unpacked the archive scr, data.
And I clicked 'save as' and in option, I choosed Unicode and saved all documents.
But when I run it in Korean environment, the error message which says 'first.ks ~~~~' appears.

could you tell me what is wrong? and I can't understand some part of your reply.
"you probably want to trace where the exception occured with the built-in debugger/console, and just tweak the script; the GDI part working on the frame of the window might cause some problems, but you can work around it"
What does this mean?

I'll look forward your reply.
Thank you.

2006-12-20, 01:15
You see, after you receive the error message dialog, which might be like this:
It's something that I was working on recently. Never mind about it, I intentionally triggered some errors to get the screenshots.

What you're looking at, the part with blue background is a built-in script editor. Close it or drag the window aside, you'll see this:

That's KiriKiri control bar. You won't see this often if you haven't developed games with KrKr2 in debug mode. Anyway, click on the third button from the left, and here's:
The built-in console. You can find what(and where) exceptions occured.

Actually, those tools are good for hot debugging but all you REALLY need is find a file named xxx.exe.console.log, in my case that'll be krkr.eXe.console.log. Open the file to see what went wrong. Paste the contents up here if you feel confusing about it.

Too bad I haven't got STARTRAIN, so I'm not sure what files you should be processing. It's best that you have ALL resource extracted from their archives (xp3 files). Look for startup.tjs, and all *.ks/*.tjs files in scenario and system folders. Converting ALL of those file to unicode should solve your problem. If you don't have a handy tool for batch converting, try using ConvertZ. You can simply use the tools in KrKr2's SDK to repack the archives.

If you still get exceptions after doing all this, come again ^ ^

2006-12-22, 00:51
I used convertZ and I changed files with option Shift-Jis -> Unicode BE.

But after I repack it and execute STARTRAIN,

Error message that says like(plz go to link)


What is wrong?

And in another error, 3rd botton in 吉里吉里 control doesn't work.

What is problem?

2006-12-22, 01:37
It looks like it failed the disc check. Maybe one of the checksums got screwed up?

2006-12-22, 01:46
Um... I have no idea.

When I execute it in Japanese environment, it had no problem.

But in Korean environment, that error message appears.

2006-12-22, 05:49
It looks like it failed the disc check. Maybe one of the checksums got screwed up?

yepp, that error message is about disc checking but...well I don't quite know what's wrong.
I'll borrow StarTRain from a friend of mine tomorrow, and see what's really going on, alright? sorry things didn't work out that smoothly <(_ _)>

2006-12-22, 06:22
No, I'm very thankful about you.

Thank you very much for your help rednaxela and others.

2006-12-22, 15:03
And could you tell me your email rednaxela?

I think I can easily attach error image with e-mail.

2006-12-25, 04:52
I fixed [2100] problem. It was disk check, as zalas and rednaxela said.

I just put disk in. -_-;; silly...

But there is another error.

I unpacked data.xp3 and scr.xp3 and coverted it in Unicode documents.

But there is an error like[plz go to link]


What is a problem?

2006-12-26, 04:11
You probably missed some of the script when converting them to unicode. Otherwise you won't see something like this. Read your xxxx.exe.console.log to see what and where things went wrong

2006-12-26, 22:17
Thankyou. I missed some files.

But, now, another error occurred like this.


What is problem?

Thank all of you again for your help.

2006-12-27, 02:04
Now I solved all problem.

It works.

Thank you very much all of you !!!!!!

2006-12-27, 02:39

I successed to execute the game in Korean environment,

But Korean characters doesn't appear in the message window.

I think I need to edit a file which appoints what font the game use.

Do you know what the file is?

If my guess is wrong, how can I make the game shows Korean characters?

2006-12-27, 05:33
eh? didn't see anything here this time:

2006-12-27, 17:10
I uploaded the error message.

plz go to link again.\


2006-12-27, 17:35
When I put ' '(space) in script, there appears an error message.


(lower one)

And when I don't put any ' '(space) in script,

Korean characters appears just a dot.


(upper one)

What is problem?

2006-12-27, 19:26
I solved Korean character problem.

I just delete all Japanese font files, and Korean character appears.

But still, the error which occurs when I put space in script hasn't solved.

plz help me.

Thank you very much.

2006-12-27, 22:57
I solved the space problem.

It was script error.

I could fix it by putting " " in script.

Thank you very much, especially, rednaxela. ^.^

I have an additional question?

Can I change font in game?

What file, and how should I edit it?

2007-01-01, 04:09
Happy new year.

Too bad I still haven't got StarTRain yet, so I can't do anything specific.

My guess is that the game fixes to one single font, and that you just want to change it, right? If that's the case, things are simple. Open first.ks in scenario folder. Search for any appearance of tag [ font ]. If you can't find any, look in the other *.ks files. What you should be looking for is something like this:
[font face="Aerial"]
If you see any appearance of the "face" property in a "font" tag, change it to your desired font's name. If there's no such appearance at all, add a line to somewhere after the *start anchor to designate your desire font, using the tag above.
If you just want to use a system font, that should work. Otherwise you might need to use an additional tag before the "font" tag you add, something like this:
[mappfont storage="Aerial.tft"]
and place the font file in the root directory of your KiriKiri2 project.