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2006-11-29, 23:22
I'm working on translating a RealLive game (using interpreter version, but I'm getting stuck on some text in the option screens. I was able to find some strings in GAMEEXE.INI, but not all of them. For example, in the attached screenshot, I was able to put two of the options in English, but I can't find where the text for the other four is stored.

I haven't done a complete examination of SEEN.TXT, but a first look revealed nothing useful. I'm really hoping this text isn't hardcoded in the interpreter.

Any help or advice in how to locate the remaining strings would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance

2006-11-30, 06:16
Here you are.

- Set mouse cursor to monochrome for mouse speed issues.
- *
- Set main program to boot with less priority than other programs.
- *
- Check if interferences happen when sound rollback occurs.
- Advance Text dialogues when the mouse wheel button is pressed.

<<Sound frequency rate settings>>
%For cards not supporting certain sound frequencies only.
%If there aren't any issues, please leave it at the (recommended) mode.

44khz 16bit (recommended)

[Movie playback setting] [OK]

2006-11-30, 07:57
I believe they were asking how to hack the EXE to display all of the strings in english.

The text is in unicode which is probably why you're not finding it. If your hex editor allows it, change your search to unicode and try again. The first string (速度重視の為、マウスカーソルをモノクロにする。) starts at 0x001B79B6. You'll need to type in unicode for it to work properly in game. If you need help with that, upload the EXE and I can edit it for you.

2006-11-30, 09:30

I'll try searching the EXE later today. Am I going to have to keep the translations shorter than the original text (so as not to upset the memory structure)? I'm not used to hacking EXE's.

2006-11-30, 11:00
Yeah, you're going to have to keep it shorter or the same length. I recommend using the editor Stirling (http://www2.lint.ne.jp/~lrc/win/editor/stirling/stir131.lzh). You can change the char set to unicode which will make things a little easier.

It looks like the normal methods of editing string offsets doesn't work for this so you can't place the string in another part of the EXE where you could use as much space as you need.

2006-11-30, 12:41
For dialogs try a resource editor, e.g. ResHacker.

2006-11-30, 21:41
I think I've found all the remaining strings now. Also, thanks for suggesting ResHacker, roxfan. That makes changing things much easier (I was having trouble thinking of a two letter translation for 速い).

Oh, and for future reference, RealLive stores one important string for the Save/Load dialog boxes in SJIS. For some reason that took me more than an hour to figure out.

Now I can get back to actually translating--ヤッター