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2006-11-21, 17:19
About the recently released vn's for altogether 2006, do they have sound or music? O.o

I get to the ending of wanderers in the sky and theres "BMG" in the thing, but i heard no music. Is this alright?

2006-11-21, 23:51
Many doujin release use midi music, go to your volume control and check if your 'midi' or 'synthesiser' control isn't muted.

2006-11-22, 07:51
Ah I checked...
Still no go...
Could it be anything else?

2006-11-22, 09:28
What is your OS?

2006-11-22, 12:02
Windows XP Pro. Service pack 2

2006-11-22, 13:56
Can you play MIDI music outside the game?

2006-11-22, 14:01
Hmmm. In Cicadas, do you hear the chirruping sound effects at the beginning (.wav)? And can you hear the piano music in adagio (.mp3)? If yes, it would appear to be a problem with your midi synthesis after all.
If your volume is on and if you can play back regular midis (try c:\windows\media) without trouble... In Control Panel / Sounds and Audio Devices (not sure of the English name) / Audio (or music or whatever, third tab), under Playback of MIDI music, check if something's selected in the drop-down box. If there are two options, try the other.

If everything appears to be in order, you could always try reinstalling your audio drivers...

2006-11-23, 10:56
alright, ill try that lata, im going away for a bit ^^

Ty and peace mate ^_^

2006-11-23, 12:40
I had the same problem with this particular piece.

My computer plays other VNs with MIDI music just fine.

The soundcard is just a generic Soundblaster.


Actually, it isn't just onscripter, but I had the same result of playing archived midi music in my own game in Ren'Py.

My conclusion is that some old generic brands of soundcards don't like archived midi. They play unarchived midi just fine.

2006-11-23, 13:39
Hmm, but I didn't think ONscripter played archived MIDI. It extracts the current track to a file called "tmp.mid", and I've been assuming it played that...

2006-11-26, 19:28
Ara... No sound ^^;;
I reinstalled soundblaster and still got nothing.

So do the novels actually have sound? O.o

2006-11-27, 01:10
Yup. The only one I can think of offhand that doesn't is the 'Flanca' half of The world to reverse. Certainly Wanderers in the Sky has music, which plays just fine on my Win2k box with an oldish Soundblaster.

If you navigate to the folder where the game was installed, there should be a file there called "tmp.mid". Try opening that and see if you can play it in an external program.