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2006-11-16, 10:35
At what point will the opening play in CLANNAD? I've played for about 3 hours now, but the video of Megumeru still hasn't played. I found it in the correct place, but it hasn't played at all during my playthrough of CLANNAD...at what point will it play? Thanks.

2006-11-16, 11:32
I've played through the game twice now and never seen the opening - I'm fairly sure it will only display if you are following a specific path.

2006-11-16, 13:12
It plays at a key moment in the Nagisa scenario, quite a way into the game.

It's a very strange idea, and I'm not sure why they did it that way, but I'm sure they thought it was a good idea at the time. :/

2006-11-17, 12:54
That's pretty random. It should be at the beginning, it doesn't suit far into the game.xD We already know who the characters are, why show us again?

2006-11-18, 13:06
To be fair, most fans of the game had already watched the OP many times, since it was widely distributed online before the game was released.

And it does kind of make sense in context. ^^